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  1. Oh boy! This has been a long week. Work has been very busy but I've made sure I have at least an hour or two each day to just work on bits and pieces. A lot of what I've done is code clean up and removing a couple of bugs. Most notably I've added in a daily reward system. Every day you log in you can claim that day's reward. Miss a day and you will unfortunately lose out on that reward. (I even added in a little teaser to see what you missed :P) The above image also shows how I imagine 'loot crates' should work. They are not obtainable by cash, but by in game e
  2. It's been a few days since my last update. For now updates may slow down for a while, simply because there is a lot of code now implemented and a bunch of different systems interacting with each other. It's great to speed ahead with feature development, but that's how you end up with a backlog of bugs and issues. To that end a lot of this week has been identifying and squishing bugs! We have been looking for more people to help test the site so if you're interested, head on over and register and account. All you need to do to help is play! If you come across a bug or issue then report it!
  3. Today just some light coding. I've cleaned up some of the scripts. Improved performance on several pages and had fun making a theme system for players to choose how the game looks to them! The 'Kawaii' theme is very popular with our team
  4. Today saw a series of minor updates for functionality, design and a few lengthier coding sessions. First off, while coins and gems were already set up in the database, there was no front end view of them, so now they appear in the menu It's simple and easy to see yet it doesn't feel like it gets in the way. Next I worked on inventory. Adding items into a players inventory, calculating quantity etc. This was also reversed for selling. Now players can access their inventory for items they have gained and sell them directly back to the site (For lower than market
  5. In addition to my prior post. I have completed the setup for the official domain and name Going forward the game will be known as Wayau ("Way-Yu") https://wayaupets.com (If you visit the site please be aware it is very much an unfinished game!!!) New players are greeted with the Adoption Centre The eggs each represent their respective pet species. Here are a few designs! Above designed by @bat YureiiKun on DeviantArt Much more development to come!
  6. It's been three days since my last update. Since then I've worked on improving creature image creation and downloads. With this new code, players can create an image of their 'dream pet' and use that as a basis to start breeding and working towards getting those colors, markings, eyes etc.. Here's and example for you to play with! We have taken elements of the ARPG community and will be allowing for users to upload artwork to complete pet activities! I have began working on the code and criteria. Here's what we have so far; Players can choose their activi
  7. EDIT: We are now in very early Alpha testing. If you enjoy Art Role Playing games, we are currently testing the initial stages of our ARPG system! Please do come and join us and help us to test the game! https://wayaupets.com/ ____________________________________________________ I've been pouring hours into coding for a new game concept. Building every system from the ground up is a challenge but very fun! The project is nameless at the moment (Lost Fables being my collection of projects) There's a lot I can talk about during this experience so I guess this wi
  8. EDIT: No longer looking at this time. - Thanks for everyone who has shown interest Hello, I’ve been working on a concept and would like to look at bringing it into a more refined stage. I have already finished most of the base code and have a working concept ready. Next I am looking for artwork for the pets. These will all have to be unique creatures which can be adopted/raised in the game. There must be several color variants of each creature as there will be breeding done. I am hoping to team up with someone to create the first batch of pets which can be used for inte
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