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  1. Gaguro Launch Mini-Advent Sale A selection of new Gaguron species designs are arriving! These guest artist-designed characters will be made available each day between August 15th-21st at 17:00:00 site time. Designs By: - August 15: CakeBird - August 16: Jarre - August 17: Ghosttown1195 - August 18: SunglassesArlo - August 19: Lechet - August 20: Cristais - August 21: Nekoehh View the full article
  2. Raffle Result This weeks raffle was won by wheresmydog. They received 2,915,100 IP! Game Trophies The latest trophies have been awarded, and the leaders are as follows: Catch First Place, with a score of 309: orangesponge Second Place, with a score of 306: tae Third Place, with a score of 263: tarshaanCoined First Place, with a score of 102540: Kamisheru14 Second Place, with a score of 31320: whereisthend Third Place, with a score of 24130: tishybugIce Breaker First Place, with a score of 47265: orangesponge Second Place, with a score of 21225: steel_galaxy Third Place, with a score of 19135: internetIce Snake First Place, with a score of 95: whereisthend Second Place, with a score of 60: Kamisheru14Jar Match First Place, with a score of 1336: solaris66 Second Place, with a score of 1306: tarshaan, bibliopossum Third Place, with a score of 1207: internetRed vs Blue First Place, with a score of 76: emanresu Second Place, with a score of 10: whereisthend Third Place, with a score of 4: SelahSharshel Says First Place, with a score of 3850: tae Second Place, with a score of 2850: whereisthend, RomanceLycan Third Place, with a score of 2040: orangesponge, LeaSurvivor First Place, with a score of 186: tarshaan Second Place, with a score of 144: whereisthend Third Place, with a score of 125: taeView the full article
  3. What's more ancient than you could ever imagine, yet also brand new to Terrafrost? If you guessed the Ancient Sharshel, you'd be correct! This new Pet, funded by @irissa, is as wise and loyal as a Sharshel comes. Their powerful bodies and glowing eyes make them truly one of a kind! If you'd like your very own Ancient Sharshel, you'll need to get an Ancient Sharshel Morphing Potion. Like all Ancient Morphing Potions, you can pick one up at the Plot Store. Or if you've used up all of your Plot Points, you can get one at the I.C.E Shop for just 500 IceCash until the end of the month (450 for Gold Accounts.) The Warrior Trido has been working hard with Aila to evacuate his fellow Misty Isle residents. Why not stop by for some Weapons Questing this weekend to give him a little extra help? He'll be offering twice as many questing opportunities and twice as many rewards until August 14th, 23:59:59 IcePets Time. View the full article
  4. New Realm - Gaguro The Adventurer's Guild is pleased to announce an all-new realm is now available for every Lythian to visit and explore! This realm, known as Gaguro, is a large sky island, held in its floating position by huge magical crystals. Much like an Iceberg, most of these crystals are visible below the landmass – resembling stalactites planted in the land above them. Thanks to the magical energy from these crystals, enormous glowshrooms are able to grow at an incredible rate. Once a year, all the glowshrooms in the land release their spores simultaneously, resulting in glowspore showers lasting an entire month. This event has been dubbed "Sporefette'' and is considered a major holiday, with its own festival to accompany it. The massive crystals that grow with these unique fungi do so at a similar speed – sometimes swallowing houses, mushrooms, or other crystals. Because of this, the land is a major exporter of these precious stones, usually used as Fortune telling orbs or other magical ingredients. The energy these crystals hold is extremely mysterious, and how they got it is unknown. There are many legends surrounding the idea, but no one seems to have a consistent answer to why... To unlock Gaguro, you will need to purchase an Enigmatic Realm Key from Truffle's Treasure Trove! Gaguro Realm Quests With the release of Gaguro comes new Realm Familiarity Quests along with new General realm quests! Dive into the culture of this new realm, learning about the Crystals and Glowshrooms inhabiting it! Don't get too comfortable, however... A suspicious cloaked figure runs off before you can get a firm look at them, murmuring to themself. The idea of theft springs in your mind, goodwill forcing you to move forward and give chase. Who is this mysterious individual? Why were they hiding among the public if they weren't aiming to steal? Perhaps you'll have to find out for yourself... A Gaguron Exploration Past the comforts of civilization lies a forest of giant Glowshrooms and Crystals. The call for Exploration is echoed deep in your heart, begging you to step into the wilderness of Gaguro. Just what will you find, anyways? ...In fact, you have a feeling if you're lucky, you'll find a little more than what you were hoping for... Residents of Arborea have reported having good luck while exploring as well! New Playable Species - Welcome Levii and Pro-g! Two new playable species are now available for all players to create! We are pleased to introduce Levii, a species created by Cakebird, and Pro-Gs, an affiliate species owned and created by Jarre! It is said the realm of Gaguro would not be the land it is without the help of its guardians: the Levii. As a tiny, fairy-like species, their main job is to act as pollinators, aiding the glowshrooms and crystals of their homeland by spreading them across the realm. Their thick arms serve as baskets, being a quick and easy way to transfer pollen, spores, or newly-formed crystals from one place to another, especially if an area is particularly struggling with growth. Since the earliest records of Gagurion society, the Levii have divided this work based on subspecies. Arthrofauna — the more fragile but nimble of the two — are tasked with protecting the realm's flora, while Avifauna — the sturdier but less dexterous subspecies — deal with protecting Gaguro’s crystals. Along with Arthrofauna and Avifauna, the asterisk'd Levii subspecies Aranefauna will also be available to create when either a Subspecies Change Potion or Silky Floss is used on a playable Lythian slot! As a neutral party, uninvolved with either glowshrooms or crystals, Aranefauna completely lack pollen baskets. As such, they aren’t capable of spreading any substances, but are instead renowned for the durable, multipurpose silk they produce from their enlarged abdomens. They have an innate knowledge of architecture, and aid in building and providing homes for the residents of Gaguro. You can read all about Levii on their newly added species page! Pro-Gs are an affiliate species owned by Jarre. Although they aren’t "natural" to Lyth, it seems their dimension-crossing knowledge has managed to lead them to the realms. Outside of Lythbound, they (including body types and subspecies) are an open species and are completely free to make and use! Due to this, Pro-Gs that were made prior to the affiliation cannot be brought into the group without the use of a Lythian Slot. With their advancements in space travel and a unique take on their own anatomy, Pro-Gs are at the top of the leaderboard when it comes to efficiency. Their evolutionary development has led them to do away with the rigid, brittle bones that most species have. Instead, their "skeleton" is actually a unique energy system manifesting in a flexible, semi-solid form that runs throughout their body. This allows Pro-Gs to contort in gravity-defying ways, giving them their own form of levitation, as well as other abilities. They have dabbled in the knowledge of changing one’s appearance, and though unable to completely alter their anatomy like the Natbaktera’s Glamour, they are capable of changing most of their appearance to suit their current needs. Pro-Gs are all about knowledge, not in just the scientific sense, but mathematical, logical, cultural, and magical as well. However, they are rather solitary in their pursuit of it, as socialization is not the species’ strong suit. With their need for efficiency and proficiency in magic, evolution has rendered their bodies weak and fragile. Their lack of physical strength makes a simple punch feel like a kitten’s paw. Pro-Gs also come with a new Body Type! Compact Pro-Gs are shorter than the average height range of a Pro-G, so anything under six feet with three to five feet being the most common. They don’t contain as much psychic as the typical Pro-G, resulting in their shorter height, smaller features, and weakened abilities. They still lack physical strength and aren’t as flexible, but are scrappy and more physically durable to compensate for it. Finally, players may partake in an all-new Mythical Ascension quest for Pro-Gs to unlock their Meltdown subspecies! Meltdown is a permanent change to a Pro-G’s form, typically due to a lot of bad situations happening at once. When faced with a buildup of distress, grief, and other negative emotions, a Pro-G may react by answering the innate "call" to tap into their psychic energy and overclock it in proportion to their body. Psychic flows beyond their veins and seeps out of their entire being, resulting in traits such as oversized arms, smog vents, and eye trails. Meltdowns are volatile and prone to losing control... You can read all about Pro-Gs on their newly added species page! New Companion Species - Eclissi and Lealai Along with the two new playable Lythians come two new Companion species! Eclissi, created and designed by Jarre, and Lealai, created and designed by Raishiteru and originally conceived by Tomoburd! Eclissi are feline-esque spirits born from clusters of crystals during Gaguro's "Sporefette." They are mischievous little creatures who have gained a dependence on other species in the area, looking to them specifically for food or other resources through either stealing or manipulation. Capable of mimicking voices and sounds, as well as copying phrases, they use this to their advantage to trick both Lythians and fauna into doing their bidding — "eclipsing (their) judgment," one could say. Thankfully, this behavior is mostly benign and harmless, and Eclissi are otherwise rather skittish and easily frightened. Many Gaguro natives consider them to be more of a pest than anything. Their bodies are bizarrely segmented, likely to aid in being more aerodynamic due to their preference for floating. They are capable of putting their bodies back together and slithering along the floor, but are much slower this way and will opt to spring out of an area if scared. Eclissi are also known for their grins, full of sharp teeth that are used as a variety of different social gestures depending on the wideness or tightness of them. Collect materials to make their lure and build up your familiarity with Gaguro to take one home! Lealai are a graceful species, who are curious by nature but smart enough to know when to keep their distance. In the past, many sought them out, believing in an age-old tale that those who befriended them would have eternal youth and beauty bestowed upon them. This rumor seems to have been dispelled, but certain Lythians claim otherwise… Over time, these creatures were domesticated and trained to be flying mounts, able to carry passengers and parcels. They come in all shapes and sizes, and are thought to be distant evolutionary cousins to Kiklets. Despite their ability to fly, Lealai are actually very attuned to flora, able to take on the appearance of different plants to blend into their environment. They have a large bulb on their rear end, which opens up to reveal a tail that mimics the pistil of the flower. They can use this mimicry to avoid detection from predators or lure in prey. As previously mentioned, Lealai have different appearances, which is based on the environment they originated from. They have a connected floral membrane that stretches across most of their underside, which can sprout a variety of plants and flowers. Generally, these flora match where they came from, eg, a desert Lealai growing cacti. As long as the creature itself is kept healthy and happy, this membrane will continue to provide the nutrients needed for germination. A malnourished Lealai may have a membrane that appears wrinkled, withered, or decaying. Lealai also come with a new subspecies! Leabells, created by StardustMinka, are bred from Lealai to be a more petlike companion. They are docile in nature and generally smaller than their counterparts. They lack the large wings that would give them flight, though small, vestigial, winglike appendages may appear elsewhere on their bodies. Their soft paws are often talon-free and their rear-end buds may have no tail coming out of them. Instead, Leabells have developed a beak or beak-like covering on their muzzles, which gives them distinct whistles and trills, similar to birdsong. They are able to use their singing to calm enemies down, putting them in an almost trancelike state. Collect materials to make their lure and build up your familiarity with Gaguro to take one home! Free Raffle! To celebrate the release of Gaguro, we are running a free raffle for CB74 (designed by StardustMinka) until August 19, 2022 @ 23:59:59! Be sure to enter on the raffles page! Final Notes - As of this update, all Onini Egg items in inventories have been replaced with Gaguro Realm Egg items (may be used to create an Onini or other Gaguron Lythian species), and the Onini Egg item has been removed. - All remaining manual rewards from Áthlima have been sent out. Please contact us if you believe you are missing anything! Thank you for reading, we at Lythbound staff hope you enjoy this content-packed update! As usual, if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask us on the forum, by sending a support ticket, or joining our official Discord for live support! View the full article
  5. Just posting a quick note - The Crossword prizes from the flash game the other day have been sent out, if you did not receive a prize, double check your answers (the correct answers are on the original post) and then make sure you chose a butterfly color (Green, Pink, Purple, Rainbow, Red, Turquoise, or Yellow). In the event you did not choose a color, you have until Monday, August 15th at 8 AM EST to send me what color you would like. I will not likely be on again until Monday due to IRL obligations, so I won't be able to send these prizes until then. This is only for those who forgot to include a color for their prize claim. There was too many to send individual PMs to everyone. Otherwise, if you did get them all correct and if you did include a color, but for some reason did not get the requested butterfly, please send me another PM and let me know I missed you and I'll double check the records and get that fixed ASAP. Thank you everyone who partook, thiView the full article
  6. Personal hygiene products and stylish clothes are a must-have for every Pet. So next time you do some shopping at the Grooming Parlour, consider picking up these two new Beauty Items! The Ducky Soap, funded by @Silvy, is guaranteed to keep your Pet as squeaky clean as ever. You'll also want to add the Garish Necktie, funded by @mochihugs, to your Pet's wardrobe -- it'll add some fun and stylish flair to any outfit! Neither of these Items will be involved in any Quests, so you can keep them all for yourself. View the full article
  7. Hello lovely people! Sorry about the trivia being late this time; life got in the way. I've got a bunch of questions for you about track and field. Any athletes out there? Tell me about your proudest achievements.View the full article
  8. Do NOT post your answers here. I am leaving comments open for questions, but any answers will be removed and will not count. Send your answers directly to me via PM. Click for My page. If you send an image, you must make sure it works. I cannot give a prize for something I cannot see. You should not be sharing answers. All answers can be found using our **UPDATED** Abbreviation and Terminology Page . If a word has spaces in it, the spaces do not have blocks so ex: Normal Pear would be NormalPear since there's no blocks for spacing. This ends 8/10 at 10 AM EST. So get your answers in quick! Everyone who gets all answers correct will receive a A Butterfly Color of their Choice , scroll down to get to the butterflies. Your submission should include what color you want in the title of your PM, I will not be PMing you to find out. Hope everyone is having an amazing Tuesday!View the full article
  9. This contest has ended. The answers are: Pearball (this time I will accept Paintball, though next time I do recommend checking the letters to squares) Raccoon King CWP Junk All answers were able to be located on the abbreviation and terminology page by ctrl+f (or find on page for phone) and typing in their clues then opening up the tabs until you found it. Thank you all for playing! Do NOT post your answers here. I am leaving comments open for questions, but any answers will be removed and will not count. Send your answers directly to me via PM. Click for My page. If you send an image, you must make sure it works. I cannot give a prize for something I cannot see. You should not be sharing answers. All answers can be found using our **UPDATED** Abbreviation and Terminology Page . If a word has spaces in it, the spaces do not have blocks so ex: Normal Pear would be NormalPear since there's no blocks for spacing. This eView the full article
  10. Raffle Result This weeks raffle was won by Nexinhah. They received 2,236,500 IP! Scratchcards First Place, winning 519,986 IcePoints:tishybugSecond Place, winning 487,979 IcePoints:tarshaanThird Place, winning 369,340 IcePoints:lisagGame Trophies The latest trophies have been awarded, and the leaders are as follows: Catch First Place, with a score of 361: Lallie Second Place, with a score of 355: orangesponge Third Place, with a score of 285: SelahCoined First Place, with a score of 130080: Zyhod Second Place, with a score of 48980: Kamisheru14 Third Place, with a score of 35750: tishybugIce Breaker First Place, with a score of 46660: tarshaan Second Place, with a score of 39890: orangesponge Third Place, with a score of 27825: internetIce Snake First Place, with a score of 115: whereisthend Second Place, with a score of 20: Kamisheru14Jar Match First Place, with a score of 1397: tishybug Second Place, with a score of 1361: tarshaan Third Place, with a score of 1288: bibliopossumRed vs Blue First Place, with a score of 87: emanresu Second Place, with a score of 61: whereisthend Third Place, with a score of 47: tarshaanSharshel Says First Place, with a score of 8190: orangesponge Second Place, with a score of 2040: whereisthend Third Place, with a score of 910: Kamisheru14Survivor First Place, with a score of 184: Selah Second Place, with a score of 183: orangesponge Third Place, with a score of 162: tarshaanView the full article
  11. Even a Pet as vintage as the Groovy Audril needs freshening up every now and then. In other words, we've given the Groovy Audril, as well as its respective Morphing Potion, a totally groovy makeover! So if you own one of these spunky little Pets, you may notice they're looking more vibrant than ever. Do you need this super chill Audril in your life? You can purchase the Groovy Audril Morphing Potion at the Snow Jar Igloo. Or if you're having trouble snatching one up, we've also added it to the I.C.E Shop until the end of the month! It's just 500 IceCash (450 for Gold Accounts), so overall, it's a pretty great steal. Ready to sail the seas with a truly one-of-a-kind Pet? If you are, then you won't want to miss out on Terrafrost's newest addition -- the Pirate Xephyr! This lovable Xephyr is always itching for adventure. You may also want to polish up your sparring skills, because it enjoys a thrilling duel every now and then. Like all Pirate Morphing Potions, the Pirate Xephyr Morphing Potion can be found at the Token Booth. Or if you've been forgetting to pick up your hourly tokens lately, you can also find it at the I.C.E Shop until the end of the month. It's only 500 Ice Cash (450 for Gold Accounts.) View the full article
  12. AUGUST! WOW, it's already August. 4 months left to this year. Just zipping on past! Best thing about August is Luau! 26th thru the 29th. Looking forward to some fun! This month TE items are a fun Luau themed petite. Seen flying around in the night skies and having fun near tiki torches! Thank You Higgs #14524 for these wonderful petites! • Fyreflyte Dragn - Aqua [ 3TE ] Is that the moon up there? Click for sample: Click me • Fyreflyte Dragn - Lilac [ 3TE ] I shine brighter! Click for sample: Click me Returning: Thanks to Quad and Yam for these! :) A lovely job once again! Heirloom Cuffs [ 5 TE ] CLICK HERE FOR SAMPLE! Octobonnet [ 5 TE ] CLICK HERE FOR SAMPLE! ***** Remember, the Premium Monthly item is available for 5TE if you want one or two. You can find all on sale now in the TE Items Shop View the full article
  13. Something strange has been going on in the Misty Isles. Over the past week or so, residents have reported several earthquakes every day. Fortunately, they've all been very mild and have caused little to no damage. We're not quite sure what's causing these earthquakes, but the local seismologists are pretty sure it'll pass. After all, it's not the first time this region has experienced some activity in their tectonic plates. But Aila, owner of the Battle Shop, feels differently. "Call me superstitious, but I have a strong feeling that something very big is about to happen," Aila says. "As of late, the atmosphere feels dryer; and every so often, you can notice the faint smell of smoke, yet nobody can seem to locate the source. Not to mention the earthquakes -- it seems we're getting at least five of them every day, now. I can't tell you for certain what's going to happen, but whatever it is, it'll bring some big changes to the isles we call home." So, what do you think? Do you believe that these happenings are nothing to dwell on, or do you believe that Aila's intuition may be correct? Only time will tell... View the full article
  14. Good morning everyone! This is a quick drop in to let you know that we've updated the Reference Section 's page for Exploring the Site . The goal was to make it easier to find the information you're looking for. I am currently working on getting mini video walkthroughs (under 5 minutes) done for each area and captioned, so be on the lookout for those over the next few weeks. If there is any area of the site you'd like me to "explore" on that page, please post it in the comments and I will hop on that ASAP. Some areas will have their own pages (or already do), like crafts and how to make a custom. But Wajas is huge so I know there's a lot of other important areas to cover. A huge thanks to all the users who helped make sure I was accurate in my information.View the full article
  15. NO ONE-- No one... can say I dont work hard XD Anyway! we have a HUGE Update for you today.... I've been doing alotta stuff!Lets get started! New Avatar Bases! Thanks to users Cheba the smol bee and Foxfire there are new avatar bases! Foxfire helped me figure out how to do snakes! they gave me a base sketch to work from, however they are only available during summer as Snakes hate the cold! Cheba made some zombie bases! These are meant to be for her mini world shes creating- and they were avaiilable for a little while- but are no longer available to buy for now. ***Dailies arent updating as they should- I know this... i dunno whats going on there- but its being looked into! I added new Genetics for The catari, hounda and Rouncey! **** You can now get achievements for clicking on pets a certain amount!! ***There is now a Pet park on the site- which is a place where you can go to find pets to click/play with- it can be found in the pet care menu- or on the page after you click a pet. ***We have gotten rid of the daily click limit- CLICK AWAY **Our forum is on Tapatalk- just search for "Atrocity petsite forums" And we should appear. If you cant connect/login- here is how you fix that problem. ***Thanks to the amazing - Kristhasirah you can now sell your stock tickets directly from your portfolio at the CORRECT price. You can now store items in a storage chest. YES- this link is finally open! took a while I know! Anyway heres how it works! Go to your inventory You'll see a new option under your items called "move/move to chest" Sooo find what you'd like to store- For me Im gonna store some trash.. Im gonna move 100 to my chest gotta keep that TRASH SAFE. So after putting in the amount you click "move" And it was moved! You do the same thing to return it back to your inventory again- ****NOTE: I know sometimes you'll get an error when moving it back- just try again. ******User foxfire made some instrument toys that are in Camerons toys ****Had To remove the sell with candy option from the user shops- it was causing loads of problems! So if you had a user shop selling pets- they are no longer for sale as I had to reset them. ALIGNMENT SKILLS! Something Kristhisarah and I have been working on for days! alignments now have special skills! There are four skills- (click on the images to go to the forum post explaining more) http://atrocity.mysidiahost.com/picuploads/alignments/lightdragon1.png ---> http://atrocity.mysidiahost.com/picuploads/alignments/garkalignment1.png ---> http://atrocity.mysidiahost.com/picuploads/alignments/collectorrat1.png---> http://atrocity.mysidiahost.com/picuploads/alignments/knowledgeowl1.png---> Whew I need a break for a while! Enjoy my lovlies!! <3 ~Ittermat View the full article
  16. Good morning folks! Hope everyone has an amazing Wednesday! Lets do a fast flash game, and by fast I mean...not at all fast. It will go on until 12 PM today (because I actually haven't slept yet and will eventually in the next little bit make it that way), but any hoot, a game. Caption this! Keep it PG 13. I'll pick my top 10 favorites to win 2 shiny CWP! If there are multiple captions that are the same thing, I will default to whoever posted it first. That's all! Have an amazing day, drink your water! /sadiView the full article
  17. Goodbye, Áthlima! With the end of July comes the wrap-up of the realm of Áthlima. We hope you had a fantastic time participating in our summer event! As always, any submissions made prior to August 1st are still being counted! This includes the July Gift Bonuses and Event Bonuses. If your ARPG submission was or is rejected for any reason, you may resubmit it within 7 days from the rejection time, having made any fixes requested. Item rewards for cumulative submissions will be manually issued by staff once the grace period has passed for all submissions, or all submissions have been approved. Once all submissions are handled, the "Visit Áthlima" tab will be officially hidden from view until next year! Additionally, Pyrros's Pavilion will be available until August 31st! This will allow you to exchange any leftover Daiko for Loonoles, or buy any last-minute items. Lyara's Blessings Crossbreeds have received some changes in regards to scheduling and designing! Going forward, Crossbreeds no longer are required to be based on two existing Lythians. They still will need two "parent species," but this is solely to depict what kind of Crossbreed they are. Furthermore, Crossbreeds now have slightly higher availability! Loonole slots will be available in Truffle's Treasure Trove during the following months: February, May, August, and November. They are priced at 1500 Loonoles, and every user is allowed to buy one per each of these months! Gem slots, on the other hand, will not be purchasable until Lythbound's Anniversary Week. This will take place between December 2nd to December 9th. Gem Slots will be priced at 1500 Gems, and every user will be allowed to purchase an unlimited amount of them. We hope this enables them to be kept interesting, but make them a bit more obtainable! Additionally, to accompany these new changes, you may notice that Lythians no longer have a breeding indicator. This is entirely intentional! We would instead like to simply encourage the regular use of slots and the relationship feature if for those who would like to create in character children for their Lythians. Newcomers...? For those who aren't in our official Discord Server, it seems that a new realm has been discovered, and with it, two new species! We don't have much information at this current time, but perhaps soon we'll be able to meet these strange new Lythians... View the full article
  18. The votes have been tallied, and it's time to announce the winners of Member of the Month (MOTM for short)! For this month's Yet to Win MOTM, everyone congratulate... @Airforce Thank you for making IcePets a better place! Next up, the winner of the Free for All MOTM, please congratulate... @Malithion Thank you for your continuing contributions to our community! Both of these fantastic members will receive 100,000 IcePoints and either the exclusive Member of the Month Avatar, or, if they already have it, the Honoured Member Trophy. While member votes were tallying for MOTM, Staff votes tallied for SOTM, and this month's winner is... @Travis To acknowledge their contributions to the team, we've created the following Item in their honour! You can get this Item once a day by visiting the Staff Page every day this month. Super Caramel Frappuccino As we move into July, new Items can be found in the I.C.E Shop for the duration of the month! Head on over to pick up the new Icosahedron of Destiny and Battle Board Stamp, as well as the returning Demicus. Each of these is priced at 500 IceCash (or 450 IceCash for Gold Members)! Low on IceCash? Don't fret -- we have something for you as well! Consider stopping by Jacobi's Companion Reserve for the new Observer! This Item will not be involved in any Quests. We'd also like to roll out the new Cobrons and Catacombs! You can find it at the Toy Trunk, and it will also be rewarded by the Plushie Quest. And a week from today, the Space Quest will be asking for it as well! View the full article
  19. Featured Lythian This month's Featured Lythian is... FL27 Dust Owned by: Jarre Congratulations! Gifting Gacha Increased Rates Items with increased rates in this month's Gifting Gacha are: Omiom Lipstick Gelatin Thin Petals Fairy Brush Hummbalina New Monthly Contest A new monthly contest has begun. You can read more on the Monthly Contest: Visual Art page! Congratulations to the winner of last month's Monthly Contest! "Hearthfire was not really a writer. Oh, he was literate enough, he could read just fine and he knew his letters, but when it came to the actual expression part of writing it became so much harder. All too often, what he wanted to say, the feelings that hummed beneath his feathrs and skin, just couldn't be expressed in the words he had. He'd joined a writing group in hopes of better developing that skill, but even with the advice he still often found his pen stilled, at a loss for words. And tonight was the night that he was supposed to present a poem. He had so many scribbled pages s..." Read more Submission by: GrayGriffinView the full article
  20. A brand new month has arrived, which means we also have a new Premium Gift! This Premium Gift is available until the end of the month for all upgraded users. Head to your Index Control Panel to accept this month's gift whenever you are ready! Don't forget to open it and see what is inside. :) Not yet Premium? CLICK HERE for more details, or head to the TE Items Shop to buy an upgrade item! Enjoy! View the full article
  21. August Monthlies Before we dive in, please note that Estu has some irl stuff going on, so if anywhere that typically gets an update has not for this month, it will happen later this week/early next. Thank you for your patience. Bonus Barn: Buy my Stuff Sign Leaf Exchange: Blank Sign, Farmers Stand, Fresh Fruit Sign, Fresh Pies Sign, Fresh Vegetables Sign, Small Shelf, Wicker Basket, Wicker Basket Front, Small Storage Box, Small Storage Box Front Buying CWP Raffle: Generation 1, ID: 8232 A huge thank you to Estu for our items this month! View the full article
  22. Raffle Result This weeks raffle was won by quoet199. They received 2,833,200 IP! Trivia Result Trivvy has a new question for you! Click here to try question #182. Trivia #181 was answered correctly by 19 people! Game Trophies The latest trophies have been awarded, and the leaders are as follows: Catch First Place, with a score of 426: Lallie Second Place, with a score of 328: Selah Third Place, with a score of 307: taeCoined First Place, with a score of 88400: Viky Second Place, with a score of 30450: Kamisheru14 Third Place, with a score of 27070: internetIce Breaker First Place, with a score of 49330: maarblecakes Second Place, with a score of 48105: Lallie Third Place, with a score of 47225: orangespongeIce Snake First Place, with a score of 105: whereisthend Second Place, with a score of 25: Kamisheru14Jar Match First Place, with a score of 1451: katherine Second Place, with a score of 1381: Lallie Third Place, with a score of 1373: tarshaanRed vs Blue First Place, with a score of 80: whereisthend Second Place, with a score of 77: emanresu Third Place, with a score of 39: tarshaanSharshel Says First Place, with a score of 14960: porcupine Second Place, with a score of 12400: Lallie Third Place, with a score of 3850: internet, Kamisheru14Survivor First Place, with a score of 188: sassypants Second Place, with a score of 155: Lallie Third Place, with a score of 145: tarshaanView the full article
  23. If your artistic Pets have been itching for some fresh art supplies, today's a happy day for them. With these new colourful chalks, your Pets can make stunning artwork on sidewalks, chalkboards, and more! You can get them in Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, and White. Stop by the Toy Trunk to see if they're in stock! In addition, we've revamped the Senor Awesome's Chalk and given it a brand new name -- the Rainbow Chalk! You will no longer find this unique Item in stores, however. Instead, you can obtain it by collecting all five colours of chalk and assembling them in a Jigsaw Puzzle. Are you more of a collector than an artist? Good news: the Rainbow Chalk can be frozen at the Ice Box! So if you've been trying to broaden your Ice Cube collection, you'll want to get your hands on this new addition. It's also available in Stamp form as the Rainbow Chalk Stamp, formerly the Senor Awesome Stamp. This Item can be found at the United Terrafrost Post Office as always. If you have the Chalky Avatar, you may notice it looks a little different. That's because we've given it a fresh new makeover! Rest assured that only the appearance has changed -- the method of obtaining this Avatar has stayed the same. We're also rolling out a new chalk-inspired default profile skin called Chalky to go along with it. Head over to your preferences to check it out! Ready for an action-packed weekend? Until July 31st, 23:59:59 IcePets Time, the questing opportunities and rewards for the Weapons Quest will be doubled! Be sure to stock up on some weapons and armour while the opportunity lasts. View the full article
  24. For the next hour or so - lasts at least until 12:40 AM, tell me something positive! Can be something about Wajas, IRL, tell me a joke, etc. I want some extra positivity going into the weekend. Just make sure it doesn't violate any site/forum rules! I'll draw 5-10 users to receive a Common Butterfly of their choice. If you're seeing these and don't want to, turn off "Flashgame Notifications" in your News Settings . I will staff only visibility this once the hour has concluded, and winners will be announced on the Prize Claim Thread. View the full article
  25. Check them out: Wishing Kettle Check your wish to see if it has been granted! Display contest winners!!: Click me! If you have any concerns or comments feel free to message me directly! PhantomFire #1 View the full article
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