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  1. Item Pricing and Economy

    @instantz: Well designing a good working economy is a bit on the tricky end. Depending what you are trying to create this can be easier or harder. When I was developing my Duelingpets website I didn't really take this into account and so I made the amount of points that a user received quite small compared to how much the items cost. Basically the pets kept dying and users ran out of points to bring their pets back to full health to fight monsters. Originally I was giving players 10 points for each submission they created be it art, music, or story. I also gave users 3 points for each item to created. However the cost of healing items was about 65 points. On top of that the players got no reward for posting on the forums. Monsters destroying the pets basically caused a lot of users not to stick around as the 200 point limit on initial user accounts was not enough to cover the cost of multiple pet battles failing. On top of that there was a lot of bugs that plagued the old site. So yes not my strongest effort but it was my first interaction with creating a virtual pet site. There was a lot of variables I didn't take into account. Now with the new way I am designing the site I am giving each user 0 points to their initial account. However if they create an artwork, music, or video they will receive 200 points after it being approved. On top of that the users will receive points on top of that for each follower.
  2. In Development List

    Hi Marten, Can you add Duelingpets to the in development list? http://www.duelingpets.net I am currently working on adding the finishing touches to the site for its first beta. Currently none of the new has been uploaded to the site but it is on github.
  3. Petsite

    @Mobotropolis: I kind of noticed this. What four pronged test exactly? It kind of makes me question this site.
  4. Game Directory

    This is exactly what I am talking about. Its just weird.
  5. Petsite

    Hey guys where did my duelingpets site go to? Now i can't find it.
  6. Hi I am Boltgreywing and I am looking to work with someone who is designing a game project. I am proficient with C++ and Ruby on Rails languages but am looking to learn about game programming as well as design. I'd like to create a simple game in C++, Flash, or Java with someone that has more experience than me so I can learn how to develop games eventually on my own. I am looking for some volunteer work that I can fit around my schedule. Plus I'd like to gain some confidence in my own coding skills as it has been kind of lacking as of late.
  7. Community tones and behaving in a productive way

    I have kind of been not as active as of late here. Though there sometimes I leave a topic unanswered cause I sometimes feel that I don't know as much as I should know.
  8. Hi guys I opened up a virtual stockmarket on the below linked website. I am using this time to test out a virtual stock idea where users start with a limited amount of points available as well as a slightly high amount of initial min price. I don't know how well this will work but I could use your guys help in testing this out. I need feedback as I have a lot to learn still. https://www.marketwatch.com/game/battystock
  9. How does one adopt their first pet?

    @Anoua@DerpWolfie@Kesstryl This certainly has given me a lot to think about. I am hoping to have several different methods to get pets past the initial one so that users have a good chance to find the method they best enjoy. I used to do the pokemon starters for the older site but I think maybe a quest would be a better option to connect with the users.
  10. Old Member Introductions

    Welcome whisper.
  11. I don't know how to use the gameowner tag so I listed a bit of people I thought might help. @Game Owner: How do you guys decide on how pets get adopted? I notice that some of you opt for the neopet approach where you choose from a big selection of adoptables, others choose the pokemon approach with limited starters but opens up to more pets later, then there is the questers where you give said npc a specific item and you receive your first pet, then their is the random ones where you get a random pet by moving around the pet map. What are the advantages of each approach? What are the disadvantage of each approach? Is one system better than the other? How does one choose which one from the other? I am trying to get a consence first before I start coding my pet layout as this needs to be addressed before I start beta two building. @Anoua @Digital @Aminirus @Nalkaria @Niabi @Bingo @Cassandra1891 @DerpWolfie @Elfen @Feuerqueen @goatsey @Hare @Hasi @Imperial @InuMimi @jakdacrowe @Jackalune @kami @Kesstryl @Kiara @Leef @Lady of Baskerville @Martyn Thoughts?
  12. Mine I hope to have my revamped site up and running in june/july time frame. The new site has an improved forum, artwork, video, and music section. Also users have been updated a bit plus more stats.
  13. Get your Holiday 2017 Adoptable today!

    @Pepper-Head This looks really cute. Finally got back to updating things. Last remaining task for me is getting the forum up and running then my site is fully feature complete.

    So what can i do to help?
  15. Word Association

    Stole Christmas.

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