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  1. The reason the post is getting longer is because I keep finding more and more holes in her story. She is not as innocent in all of this as she claims to be. I have seen plenty of people being accused of things they didn't do. There is enough evidence from what I have seen based on the posts she provided. Its not something I like to get involved in but I do have experience with some of these qualms on other forums that I manage. Personally I don't want to continue to go on with it. I think I found enough evidence to prove that Fazz is innocent at this point. I have decided to stop where I
  2. No problem dinocanid as far as I am concerned you are not at fault. I would like some context of your involvement in the situation and your feelings about it. I want to kind of fin out the truth of the whole thing. From what the original said was that Silverbrick accused you of breaking the acp. From what I can tell, I can't really see any evidence of that based on the limited screenshots I have to work with. I am here to gather evidence and facts to present so that both sides are equally presented. One of the things I am trying to find out is who is right at this situation. The more I di
  3. I am going to look into this case as an independent body to see if this case has any merit. Though one thing does stand out to me is that you are using a long set of words that are all in uppercase. That is known as shouting madam and is not very nice. I am going to go through each of these discord posts and see what Silverbricks side of the story is. You presented yours and now its time for me to what he says in this matter. Now in this chat fazz is asking what feature should the game have to make it playable. What he is asking is what feature do you have that makes it worthwhile
  4. I am kind of curious about these posts and if anyone else knows. Did the laptop remain stolen for 3 whole years? Also why was there no explanation on what exactly happened. Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook for all purposes were essentially dead for that time period. Why was there no message sent out as to what was going on? Virtual Pet List April 24, 2017 · Hello fellow VPL users, Martyn here, I want to help you understand what has been happening with the Facebook page in the recent few weeks/months. To my understanding Cpvrs laptop had been stolen and some of the
  5. Another option is Kaminari which has pretty good performance in comparison to pagination. Its a tool I use for my ruby on rails site. I am not sure if it supports php though.
  6. Thanks. I am currently allowing users to have multiple accounts though only one play account per owner. The other account is a storage account for storing points. One of the bigger problems besides bugs is that those points that are stored in a storage account are most of the time not in circulation. This means the points are not being used to buy things. The storage account will be severely restricted in what it can do so to prevent players from making huge amount of points on their side account.
  7. Currently I am working on an ability to allow the users of my website to give each other points. What it will do is the user sets a goal of points from 1 to 2 mil. In order for the player to be able to retrieve their points from their box they will need to either reach their goal or exceed it. 2mil is the cap for the storage of points for the user's donation box. There is also a limit of 50000 points for donors, this is to prevent one player from just donating the max and filling up the donation goal.
  8. I am seeing if this content will show up on my gameclub.
  9. I am having difficulty adding post to my updates section of my duelingpets club. Its not allowing me to post content there even though I am the game owner. Can someone please help me to be able to get it working?
  10. I prefer animal based avatars but I think it is more important to choose your own avatar as some players tend to be turned off by humans.
  11. One way to generate in game income for me is when ever players create blogs and colorschemes for my website. In addition to that the user can also create OCs, creatures, items, and music to gain points. Also my book section is a way to gain points through the use of chapters. Its kind of there to make up for the deficit of not having any flash games on my website. Its probably not the norm for most. Eventually my website will allow users to upload artwork and videos for points too. Some things are only a small 400 points per content.
  12. Can help me? My virtual petsite is not allowing me to add topics to my virtual petsite Duelingpets group. I don't know what I am doing wrong.
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