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  1. The reason the post is getting longer is because I keep finding more and more holes in her story. She is not as innocent in all of this as she claims to be. I have seen plenty of people being accused of things they didn't do. There is enough evidence from what I have seen based on the posts she provided. Its not something I like to get involved in but I do have experience with some of these qualms on other forums that I manage. Personally I don't want to continue to go on with it. I think I found enough evidence to prove that Fazz is innocent at this point. I have decided to stop where I am. All I did was find more facts which is what Digital asked for. Its up to the community to decide what to do about the two. Its not up to me decide on this. If I was to continue I would probably find more holes in her story.
  2. I understand. The main problem is I need to kind of go through all the evidence to sift through everything. If this was Paul Sonny then yes I could sit by as from what I can tell from the other users he kind of messed up things for lots of people. I have seen far too many shouting matches like this on several forums that I have been on, that I need to step in as a kind of an independent person. Cause either side can be blinded to one thing or the other.
  3. No problem dinocanid as far as I am concerned you are not at fault. I would like some context of your involvement in the situation and your feelings about it. I want to kind of fin out the truth of the whole thing. From what the original said was that Silverbrick accused you of breaking the acp. From what I can tell, I can't really see any evidence of that based on the limited screenshots I have to work with. I am here to gather evidence and facts to present so that both sides are equally presented. One of the things I am trying to find out is who is right at this situation. The more I dig the deeper I find the original poster to be at fault and not Silverbrick. My part is to find if there is any truth into the claim that Silverbrick did all this or if in fact he is innocent. Though right now I been getting more annoyed by the way she has been speaking, and the use of a lot of caps in everything.
  4. I am going to look into this case as an independent body to see if this case has any merit. Though one thing does stand out to me is that you are using a long set of words that are all in uppercase. That is known as shouting madam and is not very nice. I am going to go through each of these discord posts and see what Silverbricks side of the story is. You presented yours and now its time for me to what he says in this matter. Now in this chat fazz is asking what feature should the game have to make it playable. What he is asking is what feature do you have that makes it worthwhile for users of various different skill types to play. For example what do you provide for new members to wet their feet on while keeping the more advanced players entertained. Now what I can see from this post is that you are already shouting at him and he has done nothing to you. Based on the spelling mistakes that you are throwing out on this first post my guess is that is close to midnight maybe later. Now lets move on to the next post. In this post here Fazz is asking for you to send him the images on discord so he can have a look at them. You said Why? I know how to do the pets area of it. Fazz is not being argumentative towards you. All he asked for is a simple request which you simply ignored which you ignored. This led Fazz to say gibberish because you are not listening to him. Now this continues even further. You said just with the lines/color moved over like...barely thats all. You will see no noticable difference. Again more spelling mistakes. Fazz is starting to get annoyed at you because you are still not listening to what your coder is saying. Which leads him to say you are not squeaking cooperating with me. You then respond with there they are see? Which again means you are not listening to him. Which then leads Fazz in frustration to say he will upload them himself. From what I can see right now Fazz is not the one being argumentative but your are. Now we step a bit further into things here. Fazz says those lines won't get removed because those pets are already generated and their images are saved. What he means is just because the pet has been changed by what you did doesn't mean that it is changed in the database. To which you respond with I know that... Geez Im not an moron . Again spelling mistake plus you think this is some kind of joke and are not taking it seriously. You continue with I was in the adopts area where it creates a new one to check. How do you think I check when I add new addons? From what I can tell it sounds like you are a lot younger then you actually are. I recon maybe 10 years old perhaps less. Fazz wants to fix the bug but you are ignoring him and not letting him. You then say I thought it might be something in the code I didn't see. Fazz again is annoyed a bit by you not listening to him. Which leads him to ask can I wipe out all the pet images and adopts? Again he is not being the arguementive one but you are. Lets move on to this next one. Fazz mentions that he needs to fix admincp again and all the modifications which have been done to it might need to be removed. You ask what do you mean? To which he responds with admincp is crashing the whole site when we click content or any other options. This is a very major bug you have going on here and is something that needs to be fixed right away. You then ask what will we lose whne you do that? That meand youll have to put it all back on. Again more spelling mistakes. Fazz then says we will lose nothing. To which you say okay will you put the stuff back? Let see where this next set of events go. Fazz says but any other coder may have broken it. To which you litterally threw dinocade under the bus by saying it was dino lol. Again you think this some kind of amuzing joke. I will assure you this is no laughing matter and this turn of events is getting very old very fast. Fazz then asks what was he trying to do with acp? To which you say battling Fazz then responds with why didn't you tell him to fix it back... don't want someone to go breaking your game. I will fix it anyway. To which you say lol. Again you think this is kind of funny joke. It is not funny and it was not funny the first time you said this. I am kind of questioning if this is worth my time going through the rest of these posts but from what I can tell it seems that you are at fault in this. Fazz did not accuse dinocade breaking things, you were the one that threw him under the bus so you are kind of responsible for that, not Fazz. So moving on and this turn of events descends even deeper. You say hes not atm hes busy. however its letting me MAKE new stuff. So I guess I'll just have to edit in PHPY my admin for now. Also why don't you use CSK editor? for the private messaging/forum posts. Again more spelling mistakes and you start shouting at him yet again and he hasn't even done anything and you suggest him to use CSK editor. To which Fazz says find something modern. And you respond with this. Er CKE. I don't mind CKE though? I kinda like it. Clearly ignoring what he is saying. A modern one would be the built in one that comes with ubuntu linux. Fazz then responds with if you want your game hacked up, I will add it in. Should i? When your coder is telling you there is a potential hacking problem with said tool he knows probably a bit more about internet security then you do. Just to prove a point here is a youtube video on how to hack the CKE editor. I don't like where this is headed. Moving on to the next one. Not taking this seriously you respond with surely your being dramatic. To which Fazz responds with haha joking lol It has flash in editor which is depreciated by upcoming browser. I hope you got the answer okay and it allows you to use div containers with CSS. Your coder is not being dramatic but is actually being very serious about these problems. To which you respond with Sorry I got an email that I had to laugh at. Idiots and okay thats a better explanation. Again you are not taking this seriously as was mentioned that flash is going away that is one of the points your coder is trying to make is that it won't be usable anymore in the upcoming years. Any coder worth his salt will tell you relying on flash being around and potential hacks with an editor is a bad idea. Also what does this email have to do with the conversation at hand? It does nothing to help things. Lets see where this thing is going. Fazz then says if CKE was a safe hall of famer I would already have added it to the private message reply system. I hope you can understand it now. btw I can add the latest CKE Editor 5 if your okay with it? and I am not trying to be a dramatic person... you are squeaking me off asking or suggesting silly stuff to avoid that. I told you to use trello, but still you are shooting ideas on discord. I can already sense that yes he is getting frustrated with you even if he wasn't before. I can tell from his first post that he was annoyed by you. I don't even work for you and I am clearly annoyed by what you are doing. Yet it is not my place to judge. To which you respond with Sorry? Im having a conversation about the work? And fine CKE 5. You clearly are ignoring him again and are talking about a conversation that has no relevance to the work at hand. To which Fazz responds with I am working on the layout of the arcade. How do want it to look? Ittermat either you are too excited and saying stupid stuff or it is intentional. I never had conversation issues with any other client... you can ask sugarkym, dinocanid. You are annoying him and me as well madam. Though there is still more of this that I need to slog through. Lets see what else is beyond this. You say I am not excited and im not saying stupid things. too excited. Again spelling mistakes. You sound like you are because above you talked about several previous posts of stuff not relevant to the task at hand. Fazz responds with I get excited and say stupid stuff. You then go on to say this was not one of those times, in fact im super depressed right now. Yet you don't go into detail of why you are feeling bad. There is a bit of lack information prior to fazz comment. Fazz says your guinea pig would be fine... Now I am discovering all this is about a guinea pig? Look madam you should have said my guinea pig is not doing well lets have a break in the conversation and pick up on Wednesday. Something you clearly didn't leading me to conclude that you expect us all to be mind readers. You then went on to say Also please stop saying im being stupid when im trying to understand. I looked through all the evidence above and none of the above says that he called you stupid in plain English. Needless say this to say your turning a mountain into a mole hill. This clearly shows you are being very argumentative something you accuse Fazz of being. Moving on to the next bit of information. Fazz says it would need medication and a little bit extra exercise.. you need to taker her for a walk.. Again this is clear case where he is trying to help and there is nothing wrong with that. He is trying to show empathy. You then say she cant walk. This adds a little bit of information to the problem, but you hid the one in the middle, which makes it harder for me to understand your side. You then go on to say because her feet are too swollen. she can barely move. Fazz then goes on to say take care of it. medication might help. Again he is trying to be supportive of your pet. You then go on to say Lets just put it this way. The prognosis even WITH medication was not good. You true to the previous few times decide to shout at him again as he didn't anything wrong. Second of which why does a pet guinea pig have anything to do with coding of the website itself? Its irrelevant. You say he is not listening to you when in fact you been prior to this not listening to him. Very interesting observation I am finding. Lets continue on shall we. So we are starting with a fazz post right off the bat with no context to what was before it. I think you hid your previous post. So fazz says nope I already added what I could. To which you say so no user item shops either? Finally we are getting back to a conversation that is actually about coding and not about work, or hamsters or other things. Fazz then goes on to say btw dino is making an auction script for his game. I will ask him if he can provide me one. If he does I will install it for you. To which you say what about health / thirst progress bars? I will give you that its a good question to ask. However that is more related to the pet itself rather than to item shops though. Fazz then goes on to say why would you need user shops if you already have a trade system. Its a good question as well. The reason have both is to have a bit of selection into what the user can do. This doesn't say that he won't add it in, otherwise he would have flat out said so. Some pet sites just rely on barter systems and don't really need user shops. Though you kind of earned yourself a bit of a brownie points in my book. Still that doesn't excuse the rest of what you did previously. Moving on to the next post. You say no it wouldn't. I want both. Okay fair enough. Fazz then says if possible I will do it in phase 3. So it will be delayed slightly. You then say shop restock based on on item rarity? Again spelling mistake. Fazz then says nope, I have no idea how cron jobs work so I can't work on restocks. Cron jobs require a lot of work to get right and even I don't know how to do those. They require a bit more sophistication and quite a lot of thinking power to implement. Not every coder can perform a cron job they are not very easy to do. You then go on to say Pet/item storage? ok So lets move on this next tidbit. Fazz said I already added what I could in phase 2 & 3 card... You then go on to say Im just going down the todo list to double check. Pets running away? Again there are some missing messages in between. Fazz then goes on to say others I can't do because either I don't know how to do it, don't know its program stack or it would be too much work for me. Dino got something for pets running away but not from my side. You then respond with k. Again there is some missing information. Fazz then responds says and sorry if you think I am rude. you just gone from okay to ok than k. It shows you are not happy... Again he is clearly trying to understand what is happening. I looked through these three entire posts and no where does he say he doesn't know how to do java. Only the cron job portion. Madam not every coder knows how to code in every programming language. Second of which I don't see any posts in the above ones where he was rude to you. I can't find a shred of evidence on that front from these discord logs. Lets see what this next set of things has. Fazz starts with and I am a MORON awaking in 3:22 am of night for atrocity. This is the only time I have seen Fazz shout where as you did this about 4 or 5 times already. 12am - 3:22am is not a time when you should be talking to people. People are half awake half asleep. To which you say whats that mean? You really had to ask that seriously? A better response would of been look I am sorry maybe we should call it a night and continue tomorrow something you didn't do here. Fazz then says it means I am trying my best to be dedicated towards the game, but still you are not happy. This is when he is having doubts of your abilities he pushing himself to spend time late at night to work on your pet project. You then say thats not why IM NOT HAPPY. My guinea pig is going to DIE. Again you are shouting once again and trying to deflect blame on him due to your pet. Your the one that brought the guinea pig topic back up not him. Fazz then responds with I know rodents have some issues.. To which you respond with Im trying really HARD right now to keep myself from just breaking down. Again you are shouting at him for nothing. Madam prior to this you should have called it quits and went back to bed or went off the internet prior to this. You should have not been on during this time. He is not guilt tripping you about the work he is doing. Your the one that is being way too overly emotional. Lets continue shall we. Fazz tries to show some support and says it won't die... internet is a big world google if you can find some solution to it.. try another vet.. don't lose hope. it needs vitamin C to overcome her swollen leg. just give her a surgery as fast as possible. she would be fine.. To which you say please just stop. Madam you and Fazz should have called it a night before it got to this point. Fazz then says I googled... slump and mas is common in guinea pig. This is where I will fault Fazz on this one because he is digging a bit too much. Look fazz when a girl says to stop and is feeling quite upset this is where you kind of need to tone it down a bit. You then responded with its not a skin mass. Madam and Fazz you should have called it quits long before it reached this point. You two are acting like a pair of squabbling children. Though I have found a lot more issues on your side Ittermat than Fazz. So lets see what the rest of this brings. Next moring fazz asks how are you now? I hope you are fine. You then say Im better at least not 100% but better. Fazz then says okay but I am not. To which you say ? Fazz then says that's the reason I did no work atrocity today. You demoralized me by saying I am dramatic. Honestly fazz its not because of that. To which you say are you serious? I said "surely you're being dramatic." To which Fazz says yes I am serious... You litterally talked the other day about your hamster dying and that kind of soured the whole mood, not the point of him being dramatic. That would leave basically anyone feeling in an unhappy mood. And you don't even know? Lets continue further down this rabbit hole. You say how is that worse than you saying im stupid? Or saying I shouldn't be smart when I try to ask questions or give input? This is my site dude.. Again I don't any evidence of where he called you stupid. You are being arguementive and arrogent. Instead of settling things down you make it even more heated. Fazz shows an unhappy face. You then say surely your being DRAMATIC means I bet ist not as bad as you're saying it is. Really madam you can't go a few screens without typing in all caps? Seriously slow down. To which fazz says okay I though you told me being dramatic with you. To which you say no comments on you calling me stupid? Are you really trying make people angry at you because clearly that is what your intention appears to be in this post. On we go further down this mess. Fazz says because you told me you are stupid so I just sadi without any reason because I was working from morning 4 am till 7pm of evening and you was shooting one on one message. Well said Fazz well said. To which you say I never told you you had to work that long... I told you to take breaks/your time and Im being involved in what you're doing on my site. I read the above few one there was no evidence that suggests you told him to take breaks or slow down. You say your being involved in your site, yet you talked about your guinea pig. To which Fazz says yea but I was working for other clients too. This kind of shows that you do not care about his other commitments. And you answer with I known that much and I appologized and stopped leaving you messaes when I realized you were sleeping at the times id send them. I didn't see any of that informtion in any of the discord logs that you did this. I am really getting annoyed at you for doing this whole mess but I will try to see if there is some shred more evidence in your favor. Fazz says you are my friend please at least understand how hard it is. To which you say but my messages were when you were doing work of me. Seriously madam you were talking about your guinea pig dying how is that related to work? Fazz then says now please leave this topic. To which you said Orwere talking to me? You complained in your post about him stopping when you told him to stop and now you are doing the exact same thing to him when he told you to stop? Irony much. To which Fazz says its draining my mental ability more. Again he is telling you a said time to stop bring up the topic but do you listen? no you don't. Something you accuse him of doing to you when in fact you did the same thing to him and I have the logs here to back this up. He just told you twice. You only told him once. To which you say take a break then. And down the rabbit hole we go once again. Fazz then says I will start phase 2 and please can you stop bringing your personal life into the work. To which you say How am I doing that? Im sorry that my guinea pig is dying and I was upset? Seriously Madam he told you to stop twice and now you are bring the guinea pig into the problem once again. What part of stop bringing this up to your coders don't you understand? To which fazz says I know you are sad but you shouldn't reply to the staff member. To which you say what? *Sigh* Look he already told you what the problem is and you are acting like you don't even know when its painfully obvious that you do. Fazz then says I mean you should not talk about it with staff... it makes them sad and demoralized too. Fazz is correct about this. To which you say you mentioned I was upset?? and I told you why. How often does he have to tell you stop? Based all this I recon it is 5 times to your one time telling him to stop. What part of don't keep bring this topic up don't you understand? Fazz then says leave the topic anyway I will work for phase 2 now. Well said Fazz well said. Honestly madam you are making me trust you less and less. You talk about him guilt tripping you when you are doing the exact same thing to him and this proof shows that. So let see where this next one leads. You start off with Lets just finish the phases then I won't have to worry about "bringing my personal life to a staff member when he asks me what's wrong. *Sigh* Madam this is getting really old really fast. He told you not to bring it up and here again you do just that. Fazz then says yea anyway I am sorry if I sound stupid to you. To which you say You don't Im just really frustrated. Now you are frustrated? Excuse me Fazz has a right to be frustrated you don't. Fazz then says you got a family or husband? To which you respond with I thought we weren't talking about my personal life? *facepalm* Are you really this dense? The reason he is asking is because its a question that any sane person would ask is if you are feeling frustrated or let down do you have some that is there for you. That is not a question about personal life. From what I can tell you are quite the fragile person and I am putting that very mildly. So here we go once again. You say I am not shooting you constant message. I ASKING about what your doing on MY SITE and inputting on what your doing and when you say youre working I LEAVE YOU ALONE till you message me. Madam that is a lot of lies and I can tell, because one you have a tendancy to shout a lot using all caps and two you can't stop talking about your guinea pig. Fazz then goes onto say and each and every reason I have given you are reason are correct, including that text editor one... you can cross check with BayoDino. Again your annoying him. To which you say I don't have to this isnt about that. To which Fazz says NO NEED TO WRITE IN BOLD AND CAPITAL LETTERS... Well said fazz. To which you say. IM EMPHASIZING. Fazz already told you not to write in bold and capital letters a concept that is clearly foreign to you and you did this just now kind of akin to Fazz telling you to stop 5 times already. This is like the sixth time but now with the shout thing thrown in. I have already told you this in the previous few times but you keep insisting to do this. This will not win you any favors. To which Fazz says I see frustration more in that. I can agree with Fazz on that. To which you say because I AM... Madam time and time again he told you to stop and you don't listen at all. What is wrong with you? So onward we go once more. So Fazz says you forgot to give 1 star rating and worst review of me. To which you say dude stop making me out to be the worst human being on the planet here. I have read through all the stuff you have said so far and he doesn't have to make you out to be the worst human being on the planet all this discord information proves that you are indeed are. Personally I wouldn't want to work for you. I am trying to remain objective here and not to take sides but you are severly trying my patience madam. Fazz then says idk where is your adopt page. To which you say well its missing... and Inventory and other pages were deleted too. To which Fazz says you have revoked all access and fired me. To which you say whatever I'll fix it myself. How are you going to fix it, you said you literally don't know how to do coding? How can you do better than someone who does it for a living? To which Fazz says you can lie... I didn't delete any stuff from it. You can't simply put me in badlight huh... Well said Fazz. Most of the stuff I heard from you has been outright lies from the git go. You are really a very horrible person do you know that and a big jerk too. So now onto this next piece of info. Fazz says let me fix your adopt and inventory page which went missing I don''t want to be in a badlight huh. You say already doing so. Well guess what I am already finding enough info to put you in a bad light too. Interesting don't you think. Fazz says you might make those program stuff worse.. I know what might be wrong with the adopt page so please let me fix it. Fazz does have a point. To which you say no I can handle this.. If you are not going to use Fazz then get a second coder that does. Fazz then says and let me add a condition in forum so users without registration can't post threads on it. To which you say no. The reason you don't want users without registration to post on the forum is so trolls and bots don't spam up the site and clearly you personally don't listen. Just like you haven't been listening previously as some of the above discord logs showcase. So lets continue on. Link won't work Fazz says I earn 4k dollars a month You respond with thats great thanks for the flex. Fazz says he doesn't want to though cause he wants the money i think. You then say I mean that maybe that was why you weren't resigning holy squeak you are making me the bad guy here aren't you? When you are the one that squeaked squeak up changed the inventory pages to the ACP ones and moved everything around? MY ADOPTS PAGE IS MISSING BECAUSE OF WHAT YOU DID. You are NOT getting back in and now I have to go in and fix something I CLEARLY PAID YOU TO RUIN. Look Madam you are already doing an excellent job at making yourself look like the bad guy and you keep shouting every single time. To which Fazz says I told you I can fix it for you... but you have no trust in me. You say not anymore. I don't believe your words at all as I have seen time and time again that you have been bad to him. https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/432215652112007181/700041444051779614/unknown.png
  5. Okay cool cool. I am going through this with a fine tooth comb.
  6. Thanks Judda can you ask him to look into the discussion about silverbrick on the market review section? I am going to presenting a bit of his side of the story. I am looking into the case to see if it has merit. I am not here to take sides on the issue, but just to provide the facts.
  7. I am going to kind of miss having digital around. Still I look forward to what judda has in plan for the site.
  8. I did, hopefully it continues to work.
  9. I am kind of curious about these posts and if anyone else knows. Did the laptop remain stolen for 3 whole years? Also why was there no explanation on what exactly happened. Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook for all purposes were essentially dead for that time period. Why was there no message sent out as to what was going on? Virtual Pet List April 24, 2017 · Hello fellow VPL users, Martyn here, I want to help you understand what has been happening with the Facebook page in the recent few weeks/months. To my understanding Cpvrs laptop had been stolen and some of the postings may have been from the person who took the laptop, but it could have also been him himself. Either way, there has been a major clean up of the page and we hope to post content more aligned with the Virtual Pet Site community soon. Stick around and hopefully we'll be back up soon! Thank you for sticking with us! - Martyn Virtual Pet List April 14, 2017 · I'm well aware of the server still being down. My laptop and social & debit were all stolen from me. We will be back soon Virtual Pet List March 22, 2017 · Vpl will be back up next month. In the past, I was focusing on too many things at one time. Now, Ima focus on one thing at a time. I promise, vpl will return on 4/03. Yes, all of our data is safe. Please bare with us! Thank you everyone for your support. We love ya'll!❤ -cpvr
  10. Another option is Kaminari which has pretty good performance in comparison to pagination. Its a tool I use for my ruby on rails site. I am not sure if it supports php though.
  11. Thanks. I am currently allowing users to have multiple accounts though only one play account per owner. The other account is a storage account for storing points. One of the bigger problems besides bugs is that those points that are stored in a storage account are most of the time not in circulation. This means the points are not being used to buy things. The storage account will be severely restricted in what it can do so to prevent players from making huge amount of points on their side account.
  12. Currently I am working on an ability to allow the users of my website to give each other points. What it will do is the user sets a goal of points from 1 to 2 mil. In order for the player to be able to retrieve their points from their box they will need to either reach their goal or exceed it. 2mil is the cap for the storage of points for the user's donation box. There is also a limit of 50000 points for donors, this is to prevent one player from just donating the max and filling up the donation goal.
  13. I am seeing if this content will show up on my gameclub.
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