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  1. I feel like I kind of fall into the same boat here. I just don't have that understanding as of yet.
  2. Pet site vs Pet world

    @Angel: I don't plan on making it a chicken smoothie type site. Users will be able to take control of just forums and groups not individual galleries and the like. I don't think my site does the wysiwg approach. I probably can't call it a pet site but I can't call it a world either. Its just different. @Mobotropolis: I think I can manage the upload traffic but will probably have to hire additional staff as it gets bigger but I think it will be worth the expense.
  3. Survival rpg dinosaur game! (in dev)

    I am wondering what this site will look like once it is complete.
  4. Pet site vs Pet world

    @Mobotropolis: That is a pretty interesting description that could definitely open up a lot of doors with a virtual world. @Aminirus: The more I look at my site the more it doesn't seem to fit the traditional role of a pet site. @Angel: Who knows maybe my site might be the first to qualify as a pet world. Cause the way I am thinking of designing the site is along the lines of complete user content. Basically the user will be creating everything from items, pets, npcs and maybe several other things. I think my site will probably fit the pet world description.
  5. Pet site vs Pet world

    What is the difference between calling a website a pet site vs a pet world? Is there any really major distinction between the two or is it just a naming difference?
  6. Survival rpg dinosaur game! (in dev)

    @ToyOwlet: Your very welcome. @ToyOwlet: This map feels a bit like pokemon but with a bit of a mix of Furcadia thrown in it. @Bravefoot: While minecraft is a level creator. Furcadia can also allow you to build landmarks as well. However Furcadia started in 1996 and its interface is quite good for an ancient game from the 90's. Having good landmasses is kind of important.
  7. Seeking Programmer to Install Code

    I am willing to lend a hand as well depending on what sort of code it is. Sent you a pm too.
  8. Survival rpg dinosaur game! (in dev)

    When I saw the word prehistorica I thought you were meaning this old show. Old cartoon during the 90s Or this one that is an old kids cartoon. Old cartoon during the 80s Both are actually really good shows. The content looks quite good though.
  9. Petsite

    @Mobotropolis: Thanks. I was actually told by another user on another site to use the block/ignore feature but like you said it didn't help matters and instead made the situation more volatile. Another person jumped in avoiding the ignore I put in place to prevent the previous person from comments from being viewed. I decided to stop going to that site because of that type of situation as there was absolutely no mods available to keep the issues from getting worse. This has kind of made me resent websites that only have one type of forum, cause if people don't agree on things they have to go else where. This is why my pet site will always have multiple forums. Removing users should only be done by mods not by users. I have decided that in the interest of my website that I will have pre-moderation on every user submitted content to prevent inappropriate content from being viewed by other users. Comment sections can become quite vile so I have decided to not show any comments to guests except for the public forums. The site is designed this way to prevent guests or returning users from getting easily triggered. I am considering have shouts on the users main profile being pre-modded as well. I don't know if this is a good idea but I feel the user's shout page should be kept as clean as possible. The downside to pre-moderation is that content needs to be reviewed first before it ever shows up to the public. I'd rather go this route rather then let unapproved content have to be retroactively removed as by then the damage has already been done. Automatic approvals/disapprovals is also a very bad idea as bots can be cheated causing users videos or content to be taken down just because one person doesn't like them or a small group doesn't. I also know that I can't premod every user comment cause that would slow the website to a crawl. So I am choosing to focus on one particular section. User shouts are not group restricted. Every other comment section is user restricted. PMs will not be premoded cause pms only go between two users. No other user can see pms.
  10. Petsite

    @Mobotropolis: I see, I thought there was going to be more that succeeded than that. As to my site its a bit inactive due to problems involving spambots, and unrepairable configuration errors which I goofed up. Not to mention that I didn't implement activity tracing till much later. So there is a lot of problems with the original site which I am fixing up in the new version. The spambots and bugs is what caused the site to fail along with my own inexperience in designing a functioning pet site. I still want a site that can cater to slow connection such as 56kb/s or less while providing access to higher bandwidth users. The reason there as still users that have slow connections like this and I need to make certain I don't affect my slower users too much. I also really hate ignore/block buttons and I know I don't want to have them on my site but there are certain circumstances that call for them. I feel my bias with the ignore/block button is getting in the way cause I have seen this feature abused all to often by people blocking others for no apparent reason. I also don't believe in permabans or perma ignores as I see them as causing more harm then good. I want to have a feature called an apology letter if one of these features does indeed get used for circumstances of users putting aside their differences and becoming friends again.
  11. Game Directory

    @Martyn: It just that I kind of worry sometimes as the traffic is not as strong here as it used to be. I am happy that the indevelopment list is there and a public one is as well. Maybe I just worry a bit too much.
  12. Petsite

    @Mobotropolis: There are a few things that I still don't really know how to code. Having 200 games on the front page is a bit overwhelming for those on slower connections, so I am opting to just have three images per section. Its not the greatest idea but I am hoping it works. The first three options are kind of hard, but the fourth one is easy. I am looking to have a stats page that lists everything. @Martyn: I will check that out.
  13. In Development List

    @Martyn: I have tried to do social media links but have been unable to keep them consistent and up to date. Duelingpets is a virtual pet site where the object is to create your very own pets and monsters and do battle with them. The pets and monsters will be added eventually in another beta. Currently the site will be able to support art content, music content and video content. There will be a forum available that will allow users to subscribe to topics, moderators, and be able to chat with other users. Forums can be taken over by other users if the time that the owner is gone exceeds a specified threshold. I don't have any form of ignore/block feature for forums or other users. I just don't see any need for it, cause it tends to be abused for all the wrong reasons.
  14. Item Pricing and Economy

    @instantz: Well designing a good working economy is a bit on the tricky end. Depending what you are trying to create this can be easier or harder. When I was developing my Duelingpets website I didn't really take this into account and so I made the amount of points that a user received quite small compared to how much the items cost. Basically the pets kept dying and users ran out of points to bring their pets back to full health to fight monsters. Originally I was giving players 10 points for each submission they created be it art, music, or story. I also gave users 3 points for each item to created. However the cost of healing items was about 65 points. On top of that the players got no reward for posting on the forums. Monsters destroying the pets basically caused a lot of users not to stick around as the 200 point limit on initial user accounts was not enough to cover the cost of multiple pet battles failing. On top of that there was a lot of bugs that plagued the old site. So yes not my strongest effort but it was my first interaction with creating a virtual pet site. There was a lot of variables I didn't take into account. Now with the new way I am designing the site I am giving each user 0 points to their initial account. However if they create an artwork, music, or video they will receive 200 points after it being approved. On top of that the users will receive points on top of that for each follower.
  15. In Development List

    Hi Marten, Can you add Duelingpets to the in development list? http://www.duelingpets.net I am currently working on adding the finishing touches to the site for its first beta. Currently none of the new has been uploaded to the site but it is on github.

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