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  1. What style are you looking for? Could you post some examples maybe? Also for features, do you want clothing (and if yes, which style(s)?
  2. Totally what I thought of, too. If I paid real money for it I wouldn't want to just lose that money after a certain time. But also "death" doesn't seem right. I remember 'the old days' on wajas when the first retirement option was introduced, after years and years of just breeding with no way of getting rid of ugly pets. And it started a huge wave of retiring. If instead it was called 'death' that'd have been some huge mass murder :') I like the idea of Flight Rising, adding this feature to the lore so retired pets somehow join their gods and serve them, so they don't just disappear. Still, seen from the developer's side I know that it'd be best if the generated image of the pet was deleted, but that's something I especially don't like. If I click through the lineage of a pet and stumble across one retired one, I'd love to see how it looked, and not just some blank white image
  3. So there's no way to get it if you were not active during these 24 hours?
  4. I already posted that one earlier in this thread and it was down at least since April 9:
  5. If black is no color is grey only half a color?
  6. Does that mean that light has no color or all colors?
  7. It's absolutely wrong. But also they had to remove passengers, it's normal procedure, overbooking is a common practice. It might have been better to just offer more money to actually find volunteers though
  8. *takes a deep breath* DRAMA
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