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  1. Info: Hello My name is Shex, I've been playing online pet and sim games since 2006 and never really grew out of it. I still occasionally enjoy to play, collect and breed on several sites, and I am also fascinated by the game creator community, especially since so many of these games are made by small teams and just regular people. I just finished studying and my job won't start until late August this year, that leaves me with a lot of time to draw! I've drawn for Novilar in the past and also a couple of small commissions for wolfplaygame, but that was about 3-4 years ago. I'd love to draw more game art, I don't really have a set style and I can always try to imitate your site's style! My comfort zone is rather realistic, but I enjoy simpler styles or chibis just as much Things I am comfortable to draw: animals (especially canines, dragons and dinosaurs, but also felines and fantasy creatures), items, backgrounds, miscellaneous illustrations, chibis, linearts I'd rather not draw humans because I am simply not good or experienced with them. I can draw items or clothing for human bases though! Art Examples: Find a quick overview in my main gallery at https://salon.io/shex item art creature art background art misc --> info on what I won't draw Prices: Prices mostly depend on complexity and detail level/canvas size of your project. To give some averages (in USD): items: 3-4 for low detail/unshaded; 5-6 for medium detailed, 8+ for detailed items background art: ~25 for an average detailed background with foreground, middle-ground and background creature art: really depends on what is needed. Simple lineart would start at 20, a cell-shaded base could be around 40-50 Schedule: I have one more commission on my list at the moment, but apart from that, I got several hours each day to spend drawing Right now that means short turnaround times for you, probably within a couple of days! Contact: telegram (quickest): @shiggedi discord: Shex#0633 email: shex.arts (at) gmail.com References: In the past I've worked mostly for Novilar. Recently I finished background commissions for Faenaria and Folk of Lore, too.
  2. Hmm, let me think... I noticed there's a ton of animal simulation games in the (iOS) app store, some of them are looking kinda promising, some look sooo trashy... But I think those 3D run-around-as-an-animal games could still have some nice features? How about "WildCrafts; Wild Sim Online", it's free, it's available on Android and iOS and has good ratings so far
  3. I liked VPL, but I am also bitter that it just disappeared (the last thing I remember was a promise that it would be back "next month") and then I just never heard of it again and it never came back. I actually had some losses, I bought stuff and didn't have email communication with the sellers so it was just gone. Just coming back with no explanation is the biggest turn-off for me. Also, I came to VPL from gamefruit, to which I found from ProSim Union :P
  4. Without the old content it's... just another forum. With 4 members. Well.
  5. Heya, thanks so much for the detailed tutorial! I was wondering if there are other blending modes such as 'multiply' for imagick and if you know a source where I can learn more about them?
  6. What style are you looking for? Could you post some examples maybe? Also for features, do you want clothing (and if yes, which style(s)?
  7. Totally what I thought of, too. If I paid real money for it I wouldn't want to just lose that money after a certain time. But also "death" doesn't seem right. I remember 'the old days' on wajas when the first retirement option was introduced, after years and years of just breeding with no way of getting rid of ugly pets. And it started a huge wave of retiring. If instead it was called 'death' that'd have been some huge mass murder :') I like the idea of Flight Rising, adding this feature to the lore so retired pets somehow join their gods and serve them, so they don't just disappear. Still, seen from the developer's side I know that it'd be best if the generated image of the pet was deleted, but that's something I especially don't like. If I click through the lineage of a pet and stumble across one retired one, I'd love to see how it looked, and not just some blank white image
  8. So there's no way to get it if you were not active during these 24 hours?
  9. I already posted that one earlier in this thread and it was down at least since April 9:
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