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  1. A pack of halloween themed items for sale. The whole pack is $10USD for five items with a fully customizable PSD file that you can use to recolor for different combinations. All of the items come on one PSD file, you buy full rights to all items included in the pack. Please mail me if you are interested.
  2. I'm working on a human avatar base for the open marketplace. There will be several premade feature options, several hair options that would work for both male and female avatars. I may make some basic clothing items, but it all depends on what the demand is like. I have to figure out how I'm going to color things first. Not sure if I should go for a more basic shading look or something a little more painterly, maybe I'll do both. Each feature comes with multiple adjustable layers for maximum customization. Here's a preview of a hair, Lip, Nose and Eye combo.
  3. @Anoua Personally I don't agree with your view that humans are above animals, that has a lot to do with my personal beliefs obviously (Agnostic leaning toward Atheist here). I can respect that we think differently, but I believe there's a fundamental lack of compassion in that sort of view, and I personally think that view contributes to a lot of problems with animals facing extinction or animals facing horrific abuse due to people who think that animals are here on earth for their own purposes. I'm not against pet ownership as I believe these sort of relationships between domesticated animals and humans were formed naturally and to the benefit of the species on a whole. It's when people start acting like animals are lesser than themselves that I see problems in the relationships. I'm against breeding for profit, especially because on the whole most forced breeding only results in either inbreeding due to lack of viable contributers to the gene-pool or health problems resulting from the specific mutations that are totes as breed standards. Back and hip problems in German Shepard's due to the long, low back that is considered a desirable trait in the breed, or breathing problems due to the skull malformations in breeds like pugs and boxers, that sort of thing. Even responsible breeders face these problems, and in order to stick to breed standards deliberately encourage these damaging traits in animals. Personally I believe it's our responsibility as human beings to care for animals as if they were our equals, if not on an intellectual level (though the great apes, dolphins and elephants genuinely give me pause the more we learn about their ability to perceive the world) then on a level where we can acknowledge that we are all living breathing creatures that inhabit the same planet. We as humans use more than our fair share of resources, we destroy our planet and the habitats of our fellow creatures without so much as a backwards glance and that sort of negligence and disregard for life that doesn't immediately inhabit our own personal sphere offends me on a deeply personal level. I suppose as far a breeding goes I would only be for it if it was for the purpose of breeding out harmful traits, like snub noses or hip dysplasia. If it was for the benefit of the animal, I could possibly be persuaded to not be against it. Early breeding was for the purpose of getting animals that better suited specific tasks, like hunting dogs with long legs for running and keeping up with horses, or sheep with softer wool to make it easier to turn into textiles, that sort of thing I am less against. However breeding that is done for the purpose of breeding an animal that fits a standard purely for aesthetics is irresponsible and generally harmful to the critter in question. Some of the worst offenders are fish breeders and reptile breeders. (Bubble eyed Goldfish and Scaleless snakes, anyone?) Breeding on games obviously is different as the creatures affected aren't alive. That I don't mind. With respect to your views, I realize we may not agree completely about the topic. I'm just giving my own opinions. Thanks for reading the convoluted mess that passes for thoughts in my brain.
  4. I'm asking this question for my own research purposes. It contains several parts. Firstly: How do you feel about games that include human Avatar features? Subeta and Gaia did it first obviously, but when a game chooses to include a feature like this do you love it or hate it? Do you feel that it's overdone? Do you prefer that websites spend more time developing their pet system or do you prefer they focus on the avatars? Secondly: In terms of art how do feel about human avatars and the quality of the art that interests you. Do you prefer realistic or semi-realistic? Art with an anime feel or something more western inspired? Thirdly: What kind of features do you appreciate with websites that include human avatars? Obviously the ability to customize as much as possible is the key here, but what really draws you in as a player. What do you look for, what turns you off when you see these features included. That's about it for now. If I think of more I'll add at a later date. Thanks in advance for helping me with my research.
  5. Uuuugh I always crush on closed species. I have a problem. Darn it. Well someday maybe I'll have the extra $75 for a FTO sale, or get lucky (ha!) and find someone getting rid of a design for cheap.. but for now I'll just sit quietly, wanting. Lol Absolutely lovely drawing though.
  6. @jakdacrowe I love these, at some point when you open commissions and I actually have money I'd love to get something from you. I'm loving the way you stylize the shading. And I'm not sure what the species of that top critter is but I love it and I want one.
  7. Dang I always love seeing what you post. Your art is phenomenal, Jakda.
  8. Haha, yep. Watching it right now with my girlfriend as I type. Love those fricking dorks. It's totally my guilty pleasure show. I've got problems managing my time, mainly because I work 40+ hours a week, most days either 8-12 hour shifts, and once I'm home I can barely motivate myself to take my bra off, let alone sit down for a few hours worth or more work. Lol Though my days off mostly consist of making up for all the time I feel like I've lost.
  9. I have so many unfinished projects. Currently writing some trash Fanfics to chill my Overwatch obsession and I've got too many things piled up as far as personal art. I feel like all I ever work on anymore is projects for other people. -sigh- I suppose I'd like to work on getting myself a tablet with an interactive screen, getting my spare room cleaned up so I can make it into a workspace for traditional projects, work on my water color skills, work on my crochet and perhaps work on my digital painting skills. But I'll probably remain trash and just eat chips and watch Ghost Adventures with my girlfriend instead. Lol
  10. Sounds interesting. I believe this may be something I would be interested in doing.
  11. Just bumping this to say that I'm still looking for commission projects to work on.
  12. I've been working on my painting skills, obviously I'm still learning. This is a WIP and still needs a lot of detailing, etc. Lol Any critiques would be appreciated.
  13. I'm looking for some quick commission work to help me raise some funds. My kitty is in need of some dental extractions, poor thing. I have examples at https://opiatetiger.carbonmade.com/ and also on my tumblr, atomicdrawls.tumblr.com. Some examples from there include: I'm also willing to work on personal commissions, such as character art, sketches, etc of personal characters. My prices are as follows: Item art= $3 per cell shaded image $4 per soft shaded image Pet Art= $20-$30 per cell shaded/soft shaded image. Prices are negotiable. Sketches/Flat Colors=$10-$20 depending on size and detail of image. Map/Environment work=$15-$30 depending on size and detail of image. All of these prices can be negotiated, I am willing to talk about my pricing especially for bulk image requests. I take payments through Paypal only after the image is finished. Please message me if you are interested in hiring my services.
  14. I have a few things I'm working on, but most recently I've been doing some drawings for my girlfriend. The first is a 76 dakimakura. Can't show a full because it's a dirty one, lol. And second is a quickie of her siren character Sidore. Obviously I welcome any criticism you may have.
  15. Your devotion to your craft shows in every piece. I can't wait to see more of your artwork. *eagerly watches your tumblr*
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