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  1. Hello! I'm interested in creating an avatar site that may implement pets in the future, but I really want to have a strong dress-up feature in the game. I want the site's avatar feature to be like Goatlings, Gaia Online, Virtual Popstar and/or Sailor Fuku, as they all have aspects I really enjoy. I want to focus on nailing down the dress-up aspect before I add pets or anything like that. When it comes to coding, the experience I have is little to none, so I'd likely be hiring someone to do it for me or starting very small. So I have a bunch of questions! Where can I hire someone to code a site like this? Would anyone do work for free? Where can I find someone who might? What are the approximate costs of paying a programmer? And where can I learn the programming required to do this on my own, if I have to? I've been googling how to make dress-up games but none of them seem to cover what I want. I think if you visit the sites I mentioned you'll get a better idea of what I'm looking for. Any advice on starting a project like this would be much appreciated. Thank you! ♡
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