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  1. Show off what you are working on

    Got a few to put up here. Been away for a while trying to get university finished! Trying to work on my concept art - so making environments, characters and 'stories'. Got a few more but I will try not to spam ^-^
  2. Show off what you are working on

    Finished this piece off tonight ^-^ Took about 2 days on and off.
  3. Dynasty | Dog Breeding Game

    Unfortunatly there is not much you can do. I assume it hasn't been bought by anyone yet? If so, a buyer will most likely be doing their research and seeing the issues you described and curing a website with a reputation for toxicity is enough to drive them away. Its a serious deal breaker. It's a shame as it was a high potential game but once things like this begin to happen its very, very difficult to stop it or to recover a clean reputation.
  4. Show off what you are working on

    A project for university, based off of my own concept (see below) The idea is that he is a 'Dragon Hunter'. First Concept for the Dragon Hunter. Second Concept art (made him more realistic, researched better for the crossbow i.e guns, crossbows, etc to see how I could realistically have him fire it. Also changed a few things, more armour, etc. Details of the sculpt. Details of the sculpt. I used ZBrush and 3ds Max for this project. I have already learned so much. I think if I redid the project it would come out even better which is exciting as I have one more character to get done over this month. Enjoy!
  5. Show off what you are working on

    Weekly Personal Sketch
  6. Show off what you are working on

    I haven't been on here for a while, but I thought I'd share my recent pieces! (I am primarily on my ArtStation now)
  7. @Onyx You can 'Insert other media' at the bottom just above submit reply? Also I thought you had to use [ IMG] tags? Not HTML? I could be wrong though but worth a shot
  8. Life goals and ambitions

    Get rich. Buy nice things. Have a life I'd life again if I could. But in all seriousness, I'd love my own business, I'd like to live in the East (Japan, South Korea, China, etc). Right now it's all personal goals, who I want to make myself into - I am too young to be looking into the idea of a family, or a house, etc. I suppose I am just coming into the time when I want to make money and live an enjoyable life, meet people from all different cultures and just feel like I haven't wasted even a second of my life. money would be nice though
  9. I am a firm believer of planning at the start. That way you have the features figured out - every feature should flow from one to the next, not random things together. I think working out before also gives you the freedom to scrap ideas and improve. You should know exactly what you want before coding, especially if you are getting someone else to code. I am a big fan of lists though and to-do's so this makes sense. I like the order of it and knowing what is what. I know this isn't a 'guarantee' of success but there is a reason that big firms and design companies have design documents. I think not using a design document you could have some problems or patches of indecision but again some people have thrived on just 'winging it'.
  10. Website Design Mockup

    Found someone! Closed ~
  11. Website Design Mockup

    I am looking for mock-ups of the sites design - so just the overall template and perhaps a few pages. Style wise, I said I wanted a modern look and I have a few links but I want to keep that for PM's only.
  12. Website Design Mockup

    I am looking for someone to do some mock ups for a game I am hopefully putting in development alongside another one. I am looking for someone with a very 'modern' style of game design. I am not looking to go old school or the usual mould so uniqueness is a must. The position of course is paid! Please PM me if you are available including price and examples.
  13. Living in Asia? (Korea, Japan, etc)

    @Digital Thank you! I guess being able to speak the language near fluently really is a must if you go out there. I could understand their feelings though if someone were to come over to the UK or USA and not speak a word of English and expect everyone else to speak their language? I am trying to learn Korean, perhaps Japanese next (5,000 characters in their alphabet apparently, no thank you lol) but I will see where it goes! The culture shock, especially the food is what I think would knock me most. Their food is so different to that of the UK and USA (which is believable) I mean, I watched a Vlog who said she craved pasta really badly but couldn't find anywhere to have it. I am sure there must be some Western restaurants and there is MacDonald's which apparently can be delivered to you lol
  14. Living in Asia? (Korea, Japan, etc)

    Thanks for everyones input HOWEVER, I really want to say that North and South Korea have been like this ever since they split apart. While tensions are high all over the world North Korea is now more focused on the US to show strength rather than the South. I don't believe they are that stupid to begin a war. I know someone from the South in my uni and I did ask them about this and they just shrugged and said the North Koreans have been doing this for years. Apparently it now feels like the boy who cried wolf! Hopefully though that's true and we won't see anything scary happen!
  15. @Aminirus I totally agree about ArtStation. It's made for industry workers, not people learning. Yes! Game apps using my camera and my contact list? I mean what on earth? I am very sure they don't need that sort of information from me! I think a reward system is a huge must for any app and site nowadays. I have a FitBit and the rewarding system is really amazing and gratifying. An example of a reward was 'Congratulations you've walked up the Eiffel Tower' which is both interesting and makes you feel good about yourself. I do tend to be more inclined to use something if I get rewarded. @Nate.Tube I have seen a few coding ones and I agree with a gap not being filled - same with languages. No nothing will ever be able to replace Facebook or Twitter, they have dominated that market and since everyone is using it others don't want to try something else. I really enjoy Pinterest but as an artist I think it's more of my sort of thing? It is a very obvious idea but it's brilliant.

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