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  1. know that i think about it, im not sure possibly a paycheck when i start my job (hopefully they contact me this week), maybe some art if you have a character you want drawn or a game? im not to sure XD. i have some things around my room that i would like gone. i also have a blank painting canvas (its around 1.5ft x 1ft or somewhere close to that) that i dont have any ideas for yet, so i could paint you something. pretty much whatever, if there is something specific you want thats fine. if my grandma picks me up this week (she usually gives me $20 for doing yard work) i could give you that as well pweh lots of type sorry if i repeated alot (if it turns out that we can strike a deal, could you perhaps make a rabbit lineart/ref perhaps?) i also make music if you would like anything made. also, would these be able to be used for a web game if we choose? here is some examples of my realism background style: previous Commission spotlight: random digital drawing examples: tattoo designs on paper:
  2. hello! would you be open to a trade perhaps?
  3. looking for someone who could help with some coding for my game! (ignore the website name) http://gmoadopts.mysidiahost.com/ what im using: latest version of mysidia adopts (i think lol) adopt script installed. looking for someone who can alter/code: dynamic breeding system explore system (with encounters) multiple of the same species pet profile layout pet profile options user account options quest/item drops multiple shop links on one page site layout/css gonna install the forum script once i find out weather i have to move websites or not. plan on getting a job hopefully in the next few weeks so i can pay if i need to.
  4. hello! are you still seeking someone for this position? id be willing to give it a try
  5. last time i tried to register for exhibited it said they were no longer open for registration due to the site not being active or something along the lines. it may have changed since then but im not sure? just thought id throw that out there incase other people had issues?
  6. The fluffz! Ill have to remember my login lol!
  7. Lol “might” i would look into doing something if you can
  8. Xd thanks! I forgot thats the one thing i keep forgetting to do! Gots to copy and paste me the backstory
  9. Whaoh! I hope that doesnt continue! One thing i do is check the code of conduct or rules on other games that generally try not to do that, they tend to have the same stuff, and should help give ya and idea of what shouldn’t be allowed. But, as far as im concerned, any (legal) site that i can think of that is exposed to that has a required age you have to be to sign up, which it appears this site most likely doesnt. If they do have a regulated age like (16) or (18) before you can sign up, i would say no, its not necessarily illegal. But if they dont, then i would agree with you, i needs to stoop I hope this helped! It may not necessarily be what your looking for but it makes for some nice advice
  10. Thank you! Ill send everything over later today after night school
  11. Been working on encounters for my forum lol! Have about 80 in mind wish me luck! Someone bred this kiit and cant remember who it belongs to
  12. Saving this for later good information here
  13. Could i possibly donate some adoptables? For everyone to use? I got some spare designs lying around i wont be using lol!
  14. Hello everyone! Ive been looking somewhere decent to expand my advertising! I have been recommended to this site by the amazing Regnant herself, whom has been very patient and understanding with me! I cannot thank her enough. About GMO adopts: Visit GMO Adopts here! we are a small but thriving community of about 16-20 members so far, who are very kind and active! Right now i am the only one working on the site, with my friend Mad Hyena helping with ideas and the archive! Right know everything is running smoothly! I am in dire need of an explore/battle system of ANY complexity! I an not picky right now as anything to make my community more interactive and enjoyable is a gift. I am also looking for someone to help me with item images! Nothing extravagant, just little (by little i mean from 80x80 to 250x250 max) images to go with drop items. Here are some of my beans dropping by to say hello! i also am in dire need of someone to help me run the site! Here are some of the things i need! You can answer them here or fill out a google form for privacy. Looking for: Sports Director Kennel Manager Show Judge Playroom Monitor How to apply: fill out this form! Position Applying for: # of GMO's Owned: (ignore this if you are new!) Website Account Name: (please put your GMO adopts name & ID and whatever site you found this from!) Amount of time you can put in: (please also state your time zone if you can Why do you want this position? What will you do in this position? Say someone is bullying you into trying to give them an item or service. How do you react to the situation? There is an arguement starting on your thread. How do you deal with it? Someone is starting to get into your personal business or threatens to expose something personal about you. What do you do? Last but not least, What will you bring to the team? <h3>please answer these honestly. when this site gets a little bigger and the extra hands are needed, i plan on setting aside money to pay staff. if i decline your application i will provide the most detailed explanation as to why. if it is because a spot is filled, feel free to message someone in charge of the position and see if they need help. do NOT bug them about it!! do not give a pity story or some excuse to bully your way into getting a position. it will not work. dont go boast about how you got a position and someone didnt either, because that is just as mean and annoying. if there is issues with who is staff and who is not, I personalty will address the situation. Google drive form: Google Form Thank you! I hope to see some new faces soon!
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