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  1. Ooh thanks for the tip! I'll look it up right away
  2. Hello everyone! For my university research project I would like to survey people that play browser games(games like web based vpet games, simulations etc). You guys would save my day if you filled it out. Only ages 18 and older for legal reasons. The survey is about what browser based online games(browser games) you play, what you like and dislike about them and what kind of content you would like to see added in the future. Survey is closed. I will need a few days to take a look at the data. If anyone is interested in the results let me know since I'm not sure if I should post them publically. I've collected answers from players of nine different browser games(all virtual pet or avatar based browser games).
  3. Hm from my personal experience playing petsites and such it seems that many look for stylized art with cel shading. On pet breeding sites with somewhat realistic genetics etc. everyone seems to lean towards (semi)realism with painted shadings. Personally I prefer to do cel shading because when done well it can look great and it's much easier/faster to do. Painted shadings can look pretty bad if not done well and as an artist it's a nightmare to replicate.
  4. I really like the art style!
  5. st4nn1s


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