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  1. Any Petsite(s) For Sale?

  2. Any Petsite(s) For Sale?

    Is there a domain for the website?
  3. Any Petsite(s) For Sale?

    @Makazu Would have been a good place for this post for sure!
  4. Any Petsite(s) For Sale?

    Thank you for your response. Unfortunately I don't know enough about Dogs to really get excited about it. I do appreciate you taking the time to respond to my post.
  5. Any Petsite(s) For Sale?

    I hope this is the right place to post this. I was curious if there were any petite's that may be on the market? I am interested in purchasing one. Feel free to post here or privately message me.
  6. Looking for Artist

    I am working on a project, and I am looking to have some art made for it. It will be a Talk show style animation(cartoon) that I am working on. Types of art will include animals(with clothing) people, backgrounds etc. If you are interested please send me some examples or post examples of your work style and your rate of pay. Thank you!

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