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  1. Sadly, people around here are getting way too complacent. Not following orders (some are, but most aren't). We have a small area and I expect to see some numbers spiking soon.
  2. Silverbrick has asked to be banned from the forums. Per their request we have agreed and will be locking this review up since it is no longer relevant.
  3. It isn't a selling point for me to join but it has been a key feature to keep me interested a few times. It really depends on how well the are done though. (I like Subeta's but dislike Kingdomsky's - Mara's are growing on me). So don't focus so much on it being a key feature unless you know you can do it well, and if it's something you really want on the site. Otherwise you can focus on other, more unique aspects.
  4. @Boltgreywing You are referring to under the clubs here on VPL, right? The issue discussed in discord?
  5. @Bravefoot I do agree completely with not trying to jampack it completely within 2 months due to how long this can all take! As a User opinion though it is super exciting Hard seeing both sides of the coin and knowing how badly it could end up as well, haha. I am guessing the staff handpicked the stuff to release and still hold back on some things - for example, you won't necessarily have 3 events going on at the same time. Some of their events can be really long just with one going! I am thinking it might be mostly items/prizes/games? They've been pumping out new games really fast.
  6. This was marapet's response yesterday to help keep their users active and online. I meant to post it when I first heard but alas I was too busy. A whole year's worth of planned content? Here is to hoping they don't overtax themselves!
  7. @judda Very true! You have drummed this into my head enough that I hope it'll stick. Just like most things: the more backups in more places, the better! I have over 17,000 items personally I am going to try to sort through to help, but my most recent list on a sister site (subetalodge.org) isn't up to date. Sigh Can just imagine how stressed out the staff is as well.
  8. Today I was alerted by a fellow player to a thread created by Subeta's owner, Keith. I was a little hesitant to click since I had just been venting about my frustration with not being able to play the site for almost a year properly due to lag and debating on just finally calling it quits (not that I wanted to) - and her frown face emote prior to showing the link had me concerned. Little did I know what I was in for... I'll go ahead and also link to the official announcement made a little earlier today|here|. You will note there was no news posted until today, despite this being an issue found on March 24th. Subeta had a glitch in their new wardrobe system, resulting in several (amount unknown) items being removed across the board. Typically this wouldn't be a problem, simply consult your backups - right? Unfortunately, the backups stopped running about four months ago. Users are upset and staff is about to be very overworked. We can only hope they bounce back from this like so many other hiccups they've had in the past. Let this be a lesson I thought we all already knew: Always create a backup. Even if it's automatically done, always check it - especially if you're releasing a new feature. Don't forget! Sometimes the simplest things we learn when we start out, can get overlooked.
  9. I think most of the affected countries now have done some type of lock down / social distancing for their people. The USA has shut down most schools in affected areas as well, in some cases until the next school year! (They switched to online learning where they could). Has this affected anyone's schedules? Are you working on your site more or doing other activities? If you're now working from home, or school from home - are you finding it more difficult to get things done?
  10. Has the drive-thru testing started in any of your areas? Just caught part of a live thing by our Governor but missed most of it. Interesting technique they are doing.
  11. I'd join in for sure! My time is a little limited but I'd give it a whirl for a new experience each month
  12. @SilverBrick Thanks! That one doesn't cover individual states (unless I looked at it wrong) so I'll watch the two of them and monitor.
  13. @Tmra I am glad you have something in place I got curious and looked today - there is a map you can watch to see where the virus is spreading. Handy if you want to keep an eye on how close it may be to where you live. Can view it here. Currently we have 173 and all in the largest city about 6 hours away. There is also a running toll of how many people are sick, recovered, and even those who died.
  14. @Tmra Ugh, I am so sorry you are at risk and this is probably quite scary for you and your family! Do you have to do any special prep or activities to keep yourself extra protected? @SilverBrick Actually, it IS only the infected who should wear masks, especially with a shortage. If you're curious to learn more I can link you to some information! Keep some on hand in case you do get sick and need to go out, but using a mask just to have it on won't help. ;( If you end up moving over to your hometown during this, wish you the best of luck!
  15. It isn't really affecting me personally :x I live in the USA and I am not worried about it at all. I feel a lot of people are overreacting. Not due to the impact it is having on the economy but people being paranoid about getting sick. We had 2 cases in my state. You have to be smart and take precautions like with any other disease. For those who have to deal with the public on a daily basis and don't have the luxury of avoiding them, those are the ones I feel bad for. Good thoughts your way and hope you don't catch it or the flu.
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