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  1. Flight Rising actually told me that; no you can't promote/advertise off-site games.
  2. I think it'll be useful to find more users and have them be in the hype
  3. Nice! Whats your discord user? I wanna talk to you more about this, My discord is oakhearted#8284
  4. What are you doing exactly? I am working on Archives but you can still adopt one on Hewan: https://www.hewan.org !!
  5. I've promoted on this one, virtual pet list, Chicken Smoothie, in a couple of discord servers etc Any other sites like this that I could advertise my game Hewan on? Just curious!
  6. Flight Rising, Chicken Smoothie, Wajas, idk I like em all!
  7. Thanks for visiting my profile :)

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