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  1. I don't have in real money to pay, but i could pay with items from flight rising, chicken smoothie if possible. or just art freely done? comment or pm on here if interested in doing art for hewan adopts and such
  2. -- everything else -- Our Sponsors http://cranterns.epizy.com/ Go to here for previews of our hewan site! https://www.chickensmoothie.com/Forum/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=4064467#p124739983
  3. some of these species do not have pictures drawn of them yet! species you can adopt: human-like: humans anthros furries demons angels fairies ( pixies, sprites, sparrows, etc. ) elves banshee zombies vampires sirens mermaids goblins trolls gnones and more listed here in this mythic humanoids wikia! animals / ferals canines ( dogs, wolves, foxes ) felines ( cats, lions, tigers ) ocean animals (fish, octopus, dolphin) bear-like animals (raccoons, red pandas, bears) mammals ( monkeys, apes, chimps ) rodents ( mice, rats, hamsters ) flying animals ( birds, bats and insects) extinct animals ( dinosaurs, dodos, wooly mammoth ) native animals ( koalas, kangaroos, elephants ? ) cervidae ( deer, moose, elk ) farm animals ( horses, goats, pigs ) and more animals listed here and here!
  4. 14/04/2019We have some potential artists!We are still looking for some artists!- GenesisZ (has only shown there deviantart gallery as art examples) - Vixie08 (showed me a couple of pictures of art examples, talked via discord) - Harvey | Hrlvos (hasnt shown examples but has talked via discord) - Sardonyx (has shown a couple pictures of art examples, i know them via chicken smoothie and discord!) - Bassil (has said they're interested but still need to talk about it with them more) ^ havent heard of them guys in a while so...31/05/2019 - EchoDino is becoming a potential coder for our php adoptables system and guiding me through it all!
  5. -- benefits of joining hewan -- People that join early, can have a title called 'Early Bird' or 'Beta' You can advertise on here, but remember to follow Hewan's rules! We have all kinds of adoptable species You get to join in Hewan's amino and discord, and maybe have a chance of being mod on one of those platforms! You can code your own signatures and things. I will let you sponsor your own pet site in the creations, but pm me about it. You can add your own adoptables, but must ask me first before doing so. If you submit hewan fanart, you can get a title of 'Fan Artist' You may be able to earn titles and own rep, depending on how active you are on the forums. Our rules arent as strict as other pet sites, we're a pretty free and open community! Anyone can become staff, if there proving to be good enough for it. Experience don't really matter! Those who are more frequent on our site, could receive updates earlier than anybody else! Hewan is going to be and is already very similar to Chicken Smoothie, but more like Magistream!
  6. direct website url: http://hewan.altervista.org/ we are currently looking for artists, please pm me about that. thanks. we need animal species artists, as i am quite fine with doing the human / humanoid species lineart hewan was found via june - july 2018 and has been in the workings ever since, originally started on forumotion. if you need help there, pm me. you can roleplay and such take a read through the site. our official forum is kinda a mess at the moment! http://hewan.altervista.org/forum/index.php staff applications * Try to fill out the following below and send it in a pm to Oakhearted! * Username: What role have you chosen to be? (artist, moderator, forum manager, etc.): Have you ever been a staff member before?: What do you think of Hewan so far?: Do you have any suggestions? if so tell me here!: More information?: contact us: hewanwebsite@gmail.com
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