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  1. I am going to use my previous site as the adoptable human game.This is a website for those who are wanting to adopt humans and humanoid hybrids and such.the current artwork hasnt been done for the site yet, but all I can tell you is that some animal artwork has been done by BTD, a moderator of Hewan.The Game's Structure & LayoutwipWebsite: https://hewan.jcink.net/index.phpInformation Part 1 - Human AdoptsAgeAnthros/Furries/Humanoids: Baby = Orphan Kid = Juvenile Teenager = Adolescent Fully-Grown = Grown-Up Anthro/Furry/Humanoid Senior = Elder Anthro/Furry/Humanoid Robots/Animatronics: Baby = Cyber Kid = Bot Teenager = Android Fully-Grown = Grown-Up Robot/Animatronic Senior = Elder Robot/Animatronic Humans: Baby = Baby Kid = Kid Teenager = Teenager Fully Grown = Adult Senior = Elder Pregnancy and BirthingBreeding:Humans get too old to breed and produce offspring at 60+ years of age. Humanoids get too old to breed and produce offspring at 80+ years of age. Anthros get too old to breed and produce offspring at 70+ years of age. Furries get too old to breed and produce offspring at 50+ years of age. Animatronics and Robots never get too old to breed and produce offspring, however, when they do get old age, that is over 90+ years, you'll have to buy batteries to help them function properly, since there machines. Inbreeding is more likely not to happen within Animatronics or Robots.Offspring:For Animatronics and Robots, they give birth to 1-2 offsprings at a time, due to them requiring power in their battery system to give birth. Anthros and Furries however only give birth to 3-4 offsprings at a time. Humanoids only give birth to 5-6 offsprings at a time. Humans can give offsprings up to over 7 newborns at a time.Information Part 1 - Animal AdoptsWe wont have many adoptable animals on our site, mainly humans. Our GuidelinesThis isn't anything compared to the 'Terms & Conditions' of Hewan --> When signing up to Hewan, Please know that you have to be PG13 here, Since I also have this linked to my Chicken Smoothie, so that also means it must be family friendly, Anything not family friendly will get a warning, strike or get reported. --> Please do not use swear words, No swear words at all unless you try to censor them! --> Please do not harass or bully others please, that behaviour won't be tolerated on here --> You are allowed to talk about offsite trading stuff, but don't talk about games that have banned off-site trades. --> Please do not ask people to pay you 'real money' for Hewans, Instead they can pay in these currencies listed below! Chicken Smoothie, Wajas, Flightrising, Mweor, Eldemore, Lioden, Wolfplay, Basically anything that will allow it. --> Please do not mini-mod on forum posts unless I've said that you could. --> Advertisement's are allowed, However, they must not be MA15+ or 'scam' like ones, or be anything to do with paying in 'real money' --> Yes, you may roleplay, but it must be family friendly, and have no romance unless it's censored or whatever. --> No gossiping about other users, If you do not like a user, Please just block/foe them. thank you. --> Random chatrooms/chats are allowed! So don't you worry --> If you have anymore concerns, please do pm me. thank you!Terms & ConditionsThis isn't anything compared to the 'Guidelines aka Rules' of Hewan Note: This is written by a third person point of view --> When signing up to Hewan, Please know that the administrators of Hewan will have access to all your information, such as IP address, email address, and passwords. --> Also, when signing up to Hewan, you agree to abide by our rules at all times, if you do something wrong and know you are sorry, please do say so and apologise. --> When you get 2 warnings, nothing bad happens, but anything over 3-4 warnings can be considered pretty bad. --> Please email Oakhearted, the head admin of Hewan: bamitzcheyanne@gmail.com. about any issues to do with Hewan or users, etc. --> Do not post about issues with other members and staff, instead please do pm or email Oakhearted, since he's the head admin of Hewan and he'll see what I can do. --> Please no posting any content that is scam-related or survey related, the only surveys allowed are safe ones that don't give a virus to your computer, and surveys that don't say 'you've won a free iphone!" 'you're our 100th visitor! this is not joke!' etc --> Hewan strives to be a game for everybody, of all ages, so please try to communicate family friendly style. It is well appreciated, only adult stuff allowed is rants, puberty and growing up. --> The admins moderate everything you do on Hewan, and the moderators only moderate about 60-70% of things, So advanced problems are prefered to be discussed with an admin of the game, Moderators don't have access to everything. --> You are allowed to spam, advertise, promote your clickables, etc. Only if they abide by our rules and are safe for everybody to look at. --> When you break a rule on Hewan, A moderator/admin may most likely message you about it. Don't be scared, we try to be as friendly as we can be --> And last but not least, This site also runs by your cookies on your computer. Last updated: 7/07/2018 We will soon have our own contact email for the game!Hewan's Social Medias:Instagram - havent made yetTwitter - havent made yetFacebook Page - havent made yetTumblr - https://adopt-a-hewan.tumblr.com/Discord Server - https://discord.gg/jWv8SvGAmino - havent made yetWe are currently looking for:Artists - preferably pet / animal onesHelpersWelcomersMore is gonna be added soon!
  2. Looking for Lead Artist (Director) for Novilar

    I can do human art!
  3. It's called Aphis and you can see it here! It's only new so It looks a little plain lol. I'm new to TGL :) Aphis - Insect Breeding Sim

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