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  1. Thanks for visiting my profile :)

  2. I don't have in real money to pay, but i could pay with items from flight rising, chicken smoothie if possible. or just art freely done? comment or pm on here if interested in doing art for hewan adopts and such
  3. To become a sponsor, please PM me on discord, I am oakhearted#8284. You are also free to discuss about it in our server. Click here for the CS post made about their site! Click here for the CS post made about their site! Click here for the CS post made about their site!
  4. Click here for past adoptables! ( coming soon ) Animals Anthro Cyborg/Robot/Android Celestial /Supernatural Beings Human (Uncivilised) Humanoid Hybrid Other If you want to know more about each of these creature species types, Search it on Google and look around Wikipedia or something relating to that, There's way too much for me to even list here. W I P
  5. News: What we currently have working on Hewan PHPBB Forum: - Adoptions (where you get all your adopts at) - Hut (where your adoptables that you adopt are stored) - Very customisable and unique types of BBCode that are very HTML/CSS like! Front Page / Main Page: - Register Page - Login Page & Logout Function - Profile Page ( Only somewhat functional / Link redirect working, everything else not really ) - Adoptions Page ( Outdated and adopts display, but still an error on getting the adopt ) - Inventory ( Page link works, however it only displays a white blank page. )
  6. Hewan is a virtual adoptables game community, Etablished in June of 2018, You can adopt a variety of different species including humanoids/humans (uncivilized type) / anthros / furries! ( More info about this can be seen on Adoptable Species ) Inspiration: Cheyne aka Oakhearted, ever since he discovered Chicken Smoothie in 2017, as the years came by, his fascination with pet sites grew larger by the day, He would then end up joining several other known websites relating to CS such as Flight Rising, Wajas, Xanje, Ovipets, Mweor and much more. He really wanted to make a site that would sta
  7. Click on me to view the forums! What is Hewan? News, Updates & Future Plans Adoptable Species Our Sponsors More Information ( + Image Previews )
  8. It's called Aphis and you can see it here! It's only new so It looks a little plain lol. I'm new to TGL :) Aphis - Insect Breeding Sim
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