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  1. some of these species do not have pictures drawn of them yet! species you can adopt: human-like: humans anthros furries demons angels fairies ( pixies, sprites, sparrows, etc. ) elves banshee zombies vampires sirens mermaids goblins trolls gnones and more listed here in this mythic humanoids wikia! animals / ferals canines ( dogs, wolves, foxes ) felines ( cats, lions, tigers ) ocean animals (fish, octopus, dolphin) bear-like animals (raccoons, red pandas, bears) mammals ( monkeys, apes, chimps ) rodents ( mice, rats, hamsters ) flying animals ( birds, bats and insects) extinct animals ( dinosaurs, dodos, wooly mammoth ) native animals ( koalas, kangaroos, elephants ? ) cervidae ( deer, moose, elk ) farm animals ( horses, goats, pigs ) and more animals listed here and here!
  2. 14/04/2019 We have some potential artists! We are still looking for some artists! - GenesisZ (has only shown there deviantart gallery as art examples) - Vixie08 (showed me a couple of pictures of art examples, talked via discord) - Harvey | Hrlvos (hasnt shown examples but has talked via discord) - Sardonyx (has shown a couple pictures of art examples, i know them via chicken smoothie and discord!) - Bassil (has said they're interested but still need to talk about it with them more) WE MIGHT MOVE HEWAN TO http://hewan.altervista.org/forum/index.php BUT DO NOT SIGN UP YET BECAUSE ITS UNDER MAINTENACE, WE WILL ONLY MOVE HERE WHEN I FIND A IB STORE / ADOPTABLES EXTENSION FOR THIS.
  3. direct website url: https://hewan.jcink.net/index.php we are currently looking for artists, please pm me about that. thanks. we need animal species artists, as i am quite fine with doing the human / humanoid species lineart hewan was found via june - july 2018 and has been in the workings ever since, originally started on forumotion. if you need help there, pm me. you can roleplay and such take a read through the site. navigation about us | terms & conditions | guidelines staff applications * Try to fill out the following below and send it in a pm to Oakhearted! * Username: What role have you chosen to be? (artist, moderator, forum manager, etc.): Have you ever been a staff member before?: What do you think of Hewan so far?: Do you have any suggestions? if so tell me here!: More information?: contact us: hewanwebsite@gmail.com
  4. It's called Aphis and you can see it here! It's only new so It looks a little plain lol. I'm new to TGL :) Aphis - Insect Breeding Sim
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