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  1. Woah, hang on. SHA256 is a hashing algorithm. So what are you actually using for your encryption? Password resetting should be the expected behavior here. It's what I expect when I've forgotten my password and I'm sure most people would say the same. I don't think anyone actually expects their passwords to be emailed to them. This also opens your users up to huge risk because odds are many of them use the same passwords on sensitive accounts such as their email or bank account. I'm not following your point here. Because it could be compromised elsewhere means it's OK to store them improperly and send them over email? Besides, it's a false equivalence. The cleverly named password_hash function if you're using PHP has a built-in salt and is rainbow-table safe. If you were to leave the cost set to the default, and you have some basic password requirements (eg, minimum of 6 characters, etc) it would take years to find a match, conservatively speaking. That's great, but I believe the responsible thing is to have it secure by default. Anyone else want to chime in here? I think this is a good discussion to have. NBS
  2. I really hope you're not encrypting passwords and you're just mixing up the terminology here. There's no reason to need to decrypt passwords and it's frankly an invasion of privacy. Passwords should be hashed. NBS
  3. Hello. I'm a programmer who was pretty active back in the VPL days. I've helped build countless virtual worlds, each one of which... amounted to nothing. I've always enjoyed these browser-based games and felt that their potential was never fully realized. I hope it's not too late and there's still a market for them. My nostalgia demands it. I'm sure there's other people like me out there, it just looks like there's no good way to reach them. This forum doesn't hold a candle to what VPL once was, and it's a shame. What brings me here today is that sometimes I get the urge to build something amazing. And I'm reminded of the communities and games I was a part of as a kid. I want to give making my own game a shot. I'm not a kid anymore. I'm a professional full stack web developer who works full-time. And maybe, just maybe, I can recreate that kind of tight-knit community-based game for others. Y'know, the kind that can give you life-long online friends and surprises you with something new every time you log in. But I digress. I know this is going to take a lot of programming, art, writing, money, and effort. I've got everything technical covered -- servers, databases, domains, programming, etc. I'm looking for a partner to create a game with that can help with any one or combination of the other parts. But not just any partner. I'm looking for one who feels the same way I do about how these games could be so much more. Someone willing to throw out everything conventional about these types of games and help me re-imagine them into something great. Someone who demands perfection from themselves and from me. Someone who won't give up when things get hard. Most importantly, I think, I'm looking for someone ambitious. Let's make the next big thing. NBS
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