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  1. I develop alone, but I guess alone is a relative term. Once you get going you will have plenty of users, mods, artists to bounce ideas off of. I never had other game owners to help me figure things out, aside from reading VP dev forums, so I just used my knowledge from corporate IT work, and A LOT of googling various topics. Because every question you could ever have is answered on the internet somewhere.
  2. Congrats! Sounds like a great start. Your art looks very nice.
  3. I also have to say good things about Liquid Web. I was with my previous host for almost 10 years, and in that time the company got sold a lot and their support went downhill to the point I could no longer stay with them. For point of reference, my server holds 3 games. 1 dead, and 2 with moderate traffic (peak times of the month maybe 400+ users online all together). And I am the dev of my games. So, earlier this month we moved to a Liquid Web dedicated server. It's been a little bit bumpy (as is expected as new servers need to be custom configured), but the tech support has been outstanding. My previous company provided self managed servers and Liquid Web is fully managed. They monitor my systems and jump in unasked when stuff doesn't go right. (my offsite backups were failing, and they fixed that for me without me contacting them. They monitor their servers very thoroughly). And I find their techs to be very knowledgeable and responsive. No more waiting 5 hours to hear from the host. They respond within a few minutes in their Support Chat. They helped me tune both Apache and MySql to better work with the new server load without me even asking. (We were troubleshooting some lag spikes, I didn't really expect them to get that involved, but they did.) Also, my new server is on brand new hardware (not refurbished), top of the line performance, way better offsite backup solution, and a lot cheaper than my old server. I am really super happy with them, and recommend them to anyone who wants to focus on development of their game and not on the server admin part of it. Knowing server admin stuff is good and important, but it's difficult to do everything yourself and keep up on knowledge of all things. This helps a lot. And there is a certain peace of mind from knowing you have people in your corner if things go sideways. Also, thanks goes to Sam from HP @hurricaneviolet as she always recommended this host, for a long time whenever this topic gets brought up in VP forums. It made me think to consider Liquid Web. So, thank you!
  4. Hello, I'm in need of some lore to be written for some of the site events on my Game. I will need to hire a writer for this and was wondering what the current per word rate is for an experienced writer? I have never hired one, so I have no idea what the current market rate is. Thanks.
  5. Just curious, are you a gamedev by trade? You seem to produce this so quickly and easily and very high quality.
  6. I'm old school....so I will thow out some old school games.... from the 80's. Pool Of Radience ..and old rpg fantasy game that needed like 8 floppy disks to run. But it was epic back in the 80's Bard's Tale ...another old school rpg ...wander around in dungeons and fight weird creatures.
  7. This will always be a problem and there aren't many good solutions. On my games we have a function to compare IP addresses and emails to determine if accounts are related. If they are related, they are forbidden from certain actions, such as creating new accounts if they are over the limit. This is not fail safe however, as there are easy ways to get around it, and sometimes causes problems when people are playing on a shared network, such as a school. But it does alleviate very many problems with regard to cheating..
  8. Just wondering if anyone has used Stripe.com as a payment system? I'm considering it for a project but have no experience with it. Preliminary research of this site looks very promising. One of the things that interest me is that it accepts Apple Pay and Android Pay. My users are always asking for this functionality and paypal doesn't offer it as far as I know.
  9. That helps tremendously, thank you.
  10. Thank you for your clarifications! The above quote is my main concern at this point. My games have numerous social interactive features....forums, chats, game mail, comments, etc where users may reveal any of this new vague PII data. But we do not request it and store it for any reason. So I'm really rather wondering if this stuff needs encrypted. Because I keep reading articles and it's all rather vague as to how this law actually works. So for example: If this means: A website specifically requests your race/gender/political affiliation/etc. and stores it. versus A user randomly mentions it in the forums. Do both situations need encryption, or only the former?
  11. Hello, I am a game owner trying to gather information about GDPR compliance. All the articles I read about it are extremely vague. So now things like people revealing their mental health status or political party affliliation are now somehow considered personally identifying information? It's starting to get ridiculous. On my games, some info is already encrypted. And I don't have a problem encrypting other things. But there doesnt seem to be a solid definition of which data is PII. SO I was wondering what other game owners have as their strategy, or if anyone has some decent articles that can give specifics and not generalities, Thanks in advance.
  12. I use Eclipse IDE. It's what I used at work for java development. So I just kept using it for web development as they have a version geared towards php.
  13. You dont need anything special to do that. Stylized divs with css can create those boxes. And you can insert an image wherever you need to. Making the lines (with added text from db) might be a little awkward, but not hard. Here is a link that tells you how to make your css printable. https://stackoverflow.com/questions/8994403/how-to-make-printable-version-of-a-webpage
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