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  1. Hello folks, I hope there are parents of young children here. I'm working on adding parental controls to our Android/iOS app, so I'm looking for parents to see what you would like to see if a mobile app added parental controls. Here is a list of what I'm currently planning: Maximum play time per day (eg. 15 minutes. This will automatically pop up a "Sleeping" screen overlay when time expires) Allowable times of day to play (eg. 3pm to 3:15pm) For the above two, in the overlay I'll add a button so that parents can temporarily unlock it (eg. they want to add a short playtime that wasn't previously programmed in) Password protect all purchases with real money Disable logging in through Facebook (or alternatively logging off). Turn off all ads, including rewarded video ads (the ads are already filtered for younger audiences) Turn off insect squashing (This is specific to our app. Insects show up and the pet does not like insects, so users squash the insects, which some parents might not like). Because the parental controls would allow users to disable ads and purchases, and reduce playtime, I do plan on making the parental controls a relatively cheap in-app purchase. As a parent, would you purchase this if it were in an app? What do you think would be a reasonable price? The app in question is Pet Amoeba, which is listed on this site here:
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