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  1. Hi there! I'm available to work on this if you're interested. Here are some examples of props I've done before. I do well with capturing different types of material. Let me know if you think this could work. Here is a link to my portfolio as well if you need something else. https://ianbrewer.carbonmade.com/ Thanks for looking!
  2. Here are some examples of portrait type work I've done before. Some of these are a bit more fantasy, but I can match the style more closely from your reference. I do a lot of practice with faces and such, so I'm confident I can do this.
  3. Hello Deloryan, Thanks for your reply. I'm currently doing environment work. But I would say character art is my strongest skill. I'm comfortable with animals and items as well. I'd be happy to take on this kind of work if you have some for me to do, let me know! You can email me here legionbrewer@gmail.com
  4. Hello everyone! I'm brand new here, name is Ian and I do art. Mostly semi realistic to realistic stuff, though I'm open to branching out. Anyway, I've found myself with a lot of free time recently and would like to offer my services. Here is a link to my portfolio: https://ianbrewer.carbonmade.com/ Feel free to message me here if you're interested or need some work done. Thanks for looking!
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