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  1. I attempted to build projects on frameworks previously. I actually tried out CodeIgniter, but I could never get the hang of it. I'm really used to building my own framework and backends, then expanding on that. So, I took the route of Plain PHP.
  2. Interesting replies. Personally, I use a Mac program called Coda by Panic. It's not exactly cheap, but you get a lifetime license with it. It has tons of pre-built features, as well as extensions that can extend on what it already does. I think I like the built-in server access (file, terminal, SQL, and source control) that doesn't require a separate extension/program to do. However, if I'm editing a single file, I'll do like mentioned above and use Notepad++. It's quick and easy to make changes.
  3. So, I'm curious to see what everyone uses to do their programming. I know there are tons of IDE/editors out there that are capable of programming. What do you use?
  4. I've experimented with using version control recently in the event I bring in another developer to help with coding. The problem I have with using version control is just the fact that if I make a change with the file, I have to save it, commit it, and then push it to the repo for the live website to show the changes. It seems like a really tedious process especially if you have to trial-and-error the code. From what I can tell, the solution to this is to have a local server that you can run the scripts on. However, when a script requires the database to connect to, you'd either have to have a local database copy (gotta make sure it's up-to-date) or open MySQL's port and connect remotely. I just feel like it's too much hassle just to keep up with version control as compared to the benefits, unless you're a rather large sized project.
  5. A virtual pet site where you can adopt virtual pets, play, interact, and chat with users around the globe that love creating virtual pets like you do! View full game
  6. I'll join in! I'm 24 years old. I'll be 25 in February. I'm a guy. I live in Louisiana, US. I'll be moving to Colorado sometime next year. I'm currently an IT consultant/network "specialist". I have an associates degree in IT Networking. I'm planning on moving from my current consulting role to a systems/network administrator role with a hosting firm. We have 2 adorable cats. Their names are Weezy and Cleocatra.
  7. Personally, I believe pet sites should have a death aspect with them. Essentially, it allows for the user to have more possibilities of what could happen with their pet while they own it. If a pet doesn't die, not only isn't it as realistic, but most people will just create a pet and leave it be. I think that could get a bit boring after a while. Now, don't get me wrong about one thing. If a pet site has tons of things to do with your pet that alters several aspects of it already, adding death may just a little too much for a user to worry about. Too much for the user to worry about makes for a less enjoyable game.
  8. Hi guys, I'm looking to find a intermediate-level PHP programmer to help me finish recoding vital aspects of my virtual pet site, ChibiPaws. I have majority of the critical communication-related parts coded, so now I just need to finish a few of the systems, like pets and inventory item processing tasks. Essentially, I'd like to hire someone to be able to help every so often when my workload is too high. You'd be considered part of the staff of the website. If required, we can negotiate how much you wish to be paid for your services. I know this posting may be a bit vague, but let me know if anyone has any questions. I'd be happy to answer any. :-) Thanks, Jared
  9. Thanks! I’m looking forward to getting involved here. The community seems much better already.
  10. Hi! I founded the website called ChibiPaws. It was fairly active some years back but fell into disrepair by the management at the time. I’m currently recoding it with the intention of finding some help and here as an alternative to VPL.
  11. Hi, I am Jared and I joined on 10/19/17! View Member
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