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  1. Hi guys, I'm looking for a (lead) developer (or two) for Horse Reality. It's getting too big for me alone! You will be taking the project that once started as a hobby to the next level. Fixing those nasty bugs and glitches, and work on features that we've thought of for ages, but didn't have the time (or knowledge) to create. There is A LOT planned for the game. I want to make the game responsive, add an extra server for Germany, would love to create drag/drop maps for the users so they can build their own stables and much more. All of that requires a lot of code, thinking and time, so having an extra developer would really help! What are you going to do? Fix bugs and glitches Review and update old code Make the website more secure Create new features to the game Thoroughly test newly added code If possible, update/upgrade the server from time to time Required knowledge: PHP, AJAX, MySQL, Javascript (mostly jQuery) GIT workflow Terminal Pre: Linux SASS Server management skills Podio (platform to keep track of everything) Horse and/or genetics lover! When you're going to work with us, you'll need to sign an NDA and I'd like to have a video call with you via skype or slack (view some of the code you've written before, learn more about you, etc). I love to see who I'm going to work with ;D What do you get in return? A bunch of devoted people who want to work with you and who are always willing to help out. We try to think of solutions as much as we can and have a positive vibe and attitude. If you love to code and don't like the hassle of communicating with the game community, we have your back! We have quite some moderators and community managers to handle that part for you. If this interests you, please send the following to [email protected]: resumé motivation your monthly fee based on the number of days per week you'd be available.
  2. Update: We have found a few promising candidates and will be interviewing soon. For now, applications are closed. Once we know more, we'll update here
  3. Hey guys! I'm currently super swamped with work for Horse Reality. The game has grown a lot in the past few months and I really need extra hands. As for the community, the largest group is 16+ and goes to school or has a job. We do have a few younger players, but they're mostly in the minority. We try to take the concerns, ideas and suggestions of our players to the next level. But to do that I need more people who can help gather those ideas and keep the community under control. We went from about 30-ish players online in beta to 200 - 400 players online at the same time. The forum is getting a bit flooded and I don't have time to respond to every message anymore. Tasinei is already doing a wonderful job, but with 2 people it's still a lot of work. What I'd need your help with: Respond to our FB and Instagram channels. Keep our Discord and the forum in check. The person I'm looking for is someone who can speak English (if you also speak Dutch that'd be a definite plus). You know how to work with crowds and write in a way that is easy for others to understand, while also considering their opinion and feelings. We want to give everyone a good feeling on the forum and while playing the game. So you try to prevent any intense discussions wherever that'd be (socials, discord, forum, etc). We have had a few clashes on the forum lately, as I am not always able to communicate clearly what I mean to say (I'm originally Dutch). So having someone who could help with that would be great, without hurting others. The Discord could also use some extra pairs of eyes, as sometimes things get heated over there as well. I mainly use Discord and (sometimes Skype to video chat). Podio is used for everyone's tasks (I can show/teach you). Besides that, I have 1password for all passwords. Let me know if you would be able to help out and what your hourly rate is for payment. Payment would go via Paypal and you'd need to sign a contract. Send me a PM or contact me via [email protected]!
  4. @Aminirus Would you be able to draw horse tack realistically on about 1000x1000px size on greyscale. We already have the linearts available, but need it to be coloured and such. I think I have about 90 items that need to be done. Preferably all of that before October, if not possible, then 2/3rd of it. I have a few of them done myself if you want references, but I'm neither good nor fast at drawing that stuff xD I also want commercial pricing as we'll highly likely use it to put it on the horses and create posters and cards from it to sell. Could you tell me if you'd be up for the task and tell me how much you think that'll cost ?
  5. @Martyn Could Horse Reality be added to the list? It's currently in open beta: https://www.horsereality.com Horse Reality is a free-to-play horse sim with exquisite images, set in the real world with a realistic breeding and colour genetic system. Build your own estate and breed horses to perfect the bloodlines or colours. Travel around the world to gather feral horses and bargain with other players. Participate in national and international competitions to win medals. Perform in horse shows to collect rosettes for your horses. Start a club with friends or go to the university to earn a degree and start your own company. Insta: https://www.instagram.com/horserealitygame FB: https://www.facebook.com/HorseReality/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/horsereality Discord invite: https://discord.gg/nmXYBRW
  6. I'm from the Netherlands and here we have a company called Mollie: https://www.mollie.com/en/ It's pretty easy to use and you can choose for yourself how you want to be paid. All payments will go to them and after they take their percentage they will send you the payment daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly, depending on how you wrote down your settings. It allows a lot of payment services and is pretty easy to use. They have nice guides on how to use their API as well.
  7. I make them approximately 1600px wide (saved for web). Usually they're displayed at about 900px width, but saving them bigger makes sure they look pretty on retina as well
  8. I indeed ask my item artists to draw around the 350x350px for retina purposes. Horse items even larger, so I can transform them to fit on the horse, but also to use for printing later on.
  9. Don’t forget to attend your users about the personal info when they create a username in the terms of service. Tell them that its their own responsibility to make sure the username, avatar, banner, profile etc don’t trace back to their real identity. And if they still do it anywats, that its their responsibility, not yours. But that you also won’t sell/share that information to third parties either. You don’t need to encrypt those things, as they should not add it in there in the first place. Some other things: - players should be able to delete their account (along with all their data that’s connected to it) - they should be able to get the data you have on them from you (like how it works on FB now for example, you could also just drop it in a csv that can be opened in excel) - design for privacy first. So no automatically checked checkboxes for newsletters for example. - you need to state what you are using the info for. So if you want to send them newsletters about game info, but also use their email to send freebies. You need 2 checkboxes. So they can sign up for either, or both. You need to give them the choice now.
  10. @GeekGirl Could you send me a quote for how much it'd be to setup our new server with the things I've already mentioned? I have a lifetime license for DirectAdmin, which is used on my current server. But once everything is setup, transferred and done, I won't need the old server anymore. I'm not sure if you could use the same license for that, as the old server needs to stay up before we can do the move. Thanks !
  11. Perhaps that you can take a look at my thread?
  12. @PaulSonny @Design1online @judda Maybe one of you? Or perhaps that you know someone?
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