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  1. Hello there! I'm sorry if I missed something, but just wanted to ask; do your prices include the license for commercial use?
  2. Let's Talk Inventory Systems

    Hmm, the strength idea might actually be a cool thing to see in a pet sim; I haven't seen that done before and I can imagine it being totally fun to implement.
  3. Let's Talk Inventory Systems

    With regards to the all-item inventory, perhaps a filter option would be a good addition as well? As for weight limits I think it really could depend; you'd have to really think about how your users intend to use items and how item weights could be determined. For example, in a game where you'd have to catch pets, would the users have to bring nets around? Tranquilizers? Tranquilizer guns? How do you balance weight limits per account so that it doesn't favor some players over others (players who delve into adventure/battle systems vs players who only like bringing small food items to NPC's)?
  4. The BIG list of Pet / Sim Sites

  5. Let's Talk Inventory Systems

    Assuming we're talking about a browser game: I think an inventory split into multiple categories would be better than an all-in-one inventory. It makes items easier to find (UX wise) plus I don't imagine it would take too long to implement as long as items are tagged with an item type. It would probably have more to do with how things are displayed on the page. I definitely think an amount limit is necessary for any inventory system (I mean, integer overflow, right?) but I wouldn't know how to feel about weight limits. It can get a little hilarious when you have a hundred potions then couldn't pick up a, say, flower from a forest because of the weight limit. I definitely agree with this, but I'm unsure how expansions should work with split inventories. I'm assuming by 'space', you mean slots, am I correct? You could have a limit as to the total number of item slots an account can have and allow the user to allocate their slots as they please, or you can have individual limits per item category, depending on how you want things to go.
  6. These look great! //stamps seal of approval
  7. Old Member Introductions

    Yup, I'm getting back into it! I'm also thinking of starting up a small site eventually
  8. Hi there! I need 11 items done; do you think you can do these 11 for $27.5? Small Paintbucket Medium Paintbucket Large Paintbucket Prism Gender Potion Crystal Ball Fragment Cracked Crystal Ball Crystal Ball Scroll of Destiny Fertility Potion Baby Basket
  9. Old Member Introductions

    Hi, I am mariell and I joined on 09/14/17! View Member
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