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  1. I like them all, but I think my favorites would have to be the baby male and the adolescent male. :3
  2. I think I may understand. :3 Using the same pose is fine, as long as you draw it yourself without tracing I think it'll come out looking great! c: Good luck!
  3. @DeviousAngel Those ones look cute. ^-^ So you're not planning on using the traced dragon lineart, right? It would be really sad if you couldn't complete your site because of it, especially since your own art is so cute. :3
  4. @DeviousAngel Those look great! c: So the top one on that post is going to replace the traced one? They're all really cute. :3
  5. Editing a previously traced lineart still is an awful practice that you should definitely stray away from. You won't improve if you don't branch away from that. ^-^ The dragon above the one I pointed out is not traced, but the one I pointed out is. I understand that art cannot be rushed, as I am an artist myself, but that still doesn't mean you can take a shortcut by tracing someone else's work and just editing it to make it look "original". I completely understand working on a project completely alone, as that is what I am also doing, but I promise that looking at references and such will help sooo much better than tracing. ^-^ <3 But I think that you're definitely capable of drawing your own things, as evidenced by the first adorable dragon on your post. I hope what I'm saying is clear..haha I'm a little sick so my brain's all over the place. x')
  6. No problem. c: I just want people to succeed, but it's impossible to do so if the art is traced because the artist could lose their credibility. I hope that I said it in more of a constructive way, and not in a rude way..haha
  7. That bottom design looks like a trace of Chicken Smoothie's Eastern dragon lineart with a couple edits (Horns, scale bumps on stomach, etc.)? I would really recommend to remove that so you can continue with your site without any copyright claims or lawsuits. Stuff like that can get your site shut down, and I think your site has potential so it would be sad to see it forced out of development. Original lineart from CS is on top, and overlay of the bottom dragon's lineart with CS's dragon lineart is on the bottom.
  8. Oh hey, I actually have one of these haha. I bought mine from Dr. Don's, if I believe correctly. :3 I think it was over 100$ for a 1" pinback button maker when I bought it a couple years ago, but now it looks like it's skyrocketed. o.o" http://www.buttonsonline.com/ It's a great quality though. :3 However, I do kinda wish I had bought a larger one. The 1" size is cute, but it's not so great for good details x3
  9. Hi there! Welcome. :3 I did have an account on VPL, but I'm actually more "active" (Well..checking it out every day for new posts haha) on the mysidia forums haha x3. I think my username was Pear there too. c:
  10. @Aminirus - Ooh, those are some neat quotes. ^w^ (Both the FB one and the one from the show.) I think making a small change somewhere would really brighten up my artsy outlooks. I've never actually heard that saying, but I really like it. :3 That's some really good advice, and I really appreciate your response!
  11. I have no idea how I started in art or what made me want to. When I was little I tried to draw horses, and since then I just sorta kept doing it. I reached a point somewhat recently (maybe half a year ago? a year? I dunno I'm almost 21 so I've been drawing for a kinda long time maybe? Maybe not? x') ) where I just became so frustrated with my art and just kept thinking "Why do I even draw??" or "What enjoyment do I get out of this?". Honestly, I still wonder sometimes if I am cut out for art. Writing this, I've realized that all my pieces have been devoid of inspiration, or just some "guts". So I guess my goal is to just improve to where I'm happy with my style. x') I also need to work on drawing more dynamic poses, so that's a thing I need to work on as well. I've also always wanted to own+operate an adoptable site, so I guess that's what I'm working towards now. But I'm always worried that my art isn't good enough, so there's that. |D But maybe someday I'll be happy with where I get. haha
  12. Thank you! I'm having an awful time deciding..hahaha x'3
  13. I've actually been thinking about getting an instagram to promote my crafting n art stuffs. :3 I'll post here once I decide on a username! (If I remember..haha) And I'll follow y'all once that happens. :3
  14. I haven't seen anything from my end that's been happening with the Mys severs for me..o.o Weird. lol I've been able to access it fine for the past month+, and I check it daily. I wasn't even aware that something was happening until I saw this thread. It's good to see that he's able to sort it out though. :3
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