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  1. I'm offering my writing skills as I'm needing to save up for book launches and wisdom teeth removal (oh, the joy) I'm a self-published author and enjoy fantasy themed writing. You can find my site below and check out my writing style by previewing either of my books. www.emilyfox.com.au I can do sample pieces of 100-200 words, although you cannot use these unless purchased.
  2. Welcome to Mythirius! A realm filled with an amazing array of unique creatures. Mythirius is tucked away in a hidden Gateway that joins the realm of Mythirius to ours. It can only be found by inquisitive children and adults seeking to venture into the unknown. Mythirius is a breeding-clicking pet game that features mythical wolves and soon to come other mythical beings. The game is in open beta, so many features have yet to be added. View full game
  3. Hi, I am Fox and I joined on 08/09/17! View Member I'm the owner of www.mythirius.com and am hoping to find this community helpful and inspiring
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