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  1. So I've been kind of sitting back and watching on the forums for a while, back on VPL and here too. Recently I finished up my game idea and began pushing to build it. The problem is: most games I see have at least two people who are working together to build the game. Usually this consists of a programmer and an artist but it sometimes varies. While I have been doing okay on my own I would really like other team members to bounce ideas off and help me out. I'm thinking more along the lines of co-owners if that makes sense. So my question is: how did you get other team members? Any ti
  2. Notifications have now been added to the site! Users will receive a short pop-up in the lower left hand corner of the screen, then can navigate to the Notifications tab to read it in full. All notifications are sorted into specific categories and stack when there is more than 1 in a category. Clicking on the notification will take you to the corresponding page as well as remove the notification, or you can simply use the Clear All button. View full news
  3. Bookmarks have been fully added to the site. Users can add a new bookmark by navigating to the #bookmark tab in the sidebar, then clicking the Add button. On the full bookmarks view, users can add groups and reorganize their bookmarks as needed. View full news
  4. Currently in Development http://discord.me/archwardens A Public version of the Game Design Document is available for viewing on the Discord. We are also currently running an Invite competition, prizes include Alpha/Beta codes for future access. GAME DESCRIPTION WIP View full game
  5. Should staff members (such as Moderators) have an account they use for personal-use and then a separate account for staff use? Examples: Lioden doesn't require staff to have a separate account. Furvilla allows staff members to have a separate account (usually prefixed such as MOD-Username).
  6. @HappyDemon I've recently been using this setup (Laravel application; Lumen API) for a project I'm working on. Lumen is setup to easily allow you to use Facades and Eloquent right from the get-go simply by uncommenting a couple of lines. The only problem I had was using Passport for authentication and integrating it with my application and my API: such as having authentication persist even on page refresh, setting the Authorization header, using Pusher in my application which requires the user to be authenticated through the auth facade. But as an overall framework, Lumen works
  7. Ghost Version: Alpha Status: In-Development Website: Github Repository A Content Management System designed to allow owners to create a simple pet site without any coding knowledge; as well as allowing developers to create plugins and themes. This thread will be kept up-to-date with any big updates/news as and when required. Ghost is currently NOT ready to be used to create a pet site and will likely have a number of bugs, so beware if downloading from the repository. Update #1: Below is a screenshot of the 'Create New Pet' page in the admin area. The colors input is actually a simple
  8. Unfortunately I don't have a PS4 so won't be playing it - but woah that game was my childhood. I watched a couple of YouTubers play Uncharted 4 and I wish I could explain the squeal of excitement that I made when Nate played this game. It was a ridiculous level of nostalgic excitement.
  9. For me it was a little game called Theme Hospital. Man I must have played through that game more than a dozen times.
  10. Twitter: https://twitter.com/Imagine17Dev Used for development updates etc. Still fairly new.
  11. Added some documentation for creating menus in themes for Ghost: http://imagine17.com/projects/ghost/menus/
  12. Halloween (this is halloween....halloween...)
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