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  1. I tried to join your website, those alicorns up for adoptions are really pretty! However, the E-mails that your site was to send me aren't there, not even in the spam folder! What's happening???
  2. Yea, I forgot to re-activate them...silly I... So I'm sure that they're definitely dead.
  3. http://pixeonpets.website.tk http://ckick3ns.website.tk I recently tried to access them...however, they redirect to iyfsearch instead of the actual websites. I really want to know what's going on. I used FreeSubDomain (which is inactive at the moment) to host them. I don't know if I can still access them, or if I have to forget them...
  4. Well, I knew it really long ago, I think in early 2015??? Idk. It contains some colorful eggs (3-4, I don't remember) and to adopt it, you just needed to paste the code. The eggs grow up naturally, so no clicks or taking care of them, and they had pets every month. And no, it's not ChickenSmoothie, because, this website didn't have a registering feature. I can't find it...it got removed or...I just forgot the name?
  5. There is an event page on the site, and also some links that tell you to proceed.
  6. Due to lack of people in the event (there has only me lol), the event is now extended, and it'll end day 6. View full news
  7. LAST DAY! You wouldn't miss this opportunity right? (actually you will if you doesn't want, lol) Celebrate Luci's birthday with this special event! You can earn exclusive itens, pets and alot of love from the creator! (all event itens and pets are inside codes, discover the codes by playing the event) Tomorrow, an event code for the event's end will appear for y'all ^u^ I hope you have fun with this event. View full news
  8. Hey dudes! Luci here. I have a question for you all: You prefer making your pets with real species or fictional species? Both is an valid option thought. (Both also counts as an existing species mixed with an object or something) Me: Both, thought i prefer fictional species because i like to unleash my imagination.
  9. So i has thinking...why not make an event to make this game a bit active for now? For making users not forget which day is my birthday? And i came out with this simple birthday event. And it's not only that, soon more stuff will come. Maybe the hiatus ended? We don't know~ View full news
  10. I'm a smol 14 year old child ;u; Now i'm feeling like a baby here. (Edit: I'll be 15 in 28th of November) (Edit²: Oh sorry i just writen it wrong, it's November not Febuary.) I'm a girl, but i don't get borthered by neutral pronoums. I'll only say that i live on Brazil, huehue Stare on the PC and draw stuff digitally (with a mouse ;u;). I also study at middle school. I have a doggo, a female doggo and 3 mini-mouse (not the PC ones!) girls. No kids because i'm just 14 and i don't want to get kids that much, but i still like kids.
  11. I'm sorry for making no updates of this site...but anyways. This site is currently on hiatus because i'm without ideas to it. Also...all my petsites are currently on hiatus. Why? Simply because i doesn't have time to run them. I'm with alot of stuff to do. I have no date of comeback to development. Thought...you can still talk on the forums and make suggestions to the games. Thanks for reading. View full news
  12. Steven Universe <3 This is my total favorite TV show and when i hear it's opening i just run into the couch in a crazy way
  13. I use freesubdomain.org/ for Pixeons and Chick3ns (my most recent site). Does it allow Imagick? Edit: I checked and it doesn't allow it.
  14. I've seen a site with this feature. So there's a shop with colors, markings, outfits, etc. for the species. After you buy some items, you can use them on pets to change their appearance (the item will appear on the pet). How to do this? Because i'm trying to revive my ChckenSmoothie topics in a website form.
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