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  1. Oh this looks super nice! Looking forward to it, please do post more updates~
  2. Accomplishing achievements is a fun way to get some in-game currency. Pet battling and completing quests are fun way too. It will get grindy though, so perhaps for those that also like a storyline and not a stagnant gameplay would be nice. Even if it's a linear story/lore.
  3. They're fun, but I would prefer being able to upload my own avatar. (Dappervolk has nice human (and other specie) avatars and I love their painterly style since it's so unique! Probably the only exception that I would enjoy HAs)
  4. Sketches of weapons that I added anime sparkles to. Started getting back into art after a long hiatus.
  5. @Jinjojin I am interested, I will send a private message when I can.
  6. Sad to here you selling IcePets, but hopefully you'll sell it to someone who will be able to take it even further!
  7. Nice project you have here and it's definitely a big one to tackle. Another suggestion is a battle system. You could make simplified versions of everything and eventually create add-ons that makes it more complex. If you need ideas for different kinds you can look at virtual websites like Furvilla, Flight Rising, Goatlings, and Eliyo. You could make it player vs. opponent or chosen pet vs. opponent and so on.
  8. @Dinocanid You know...you're really stunning. ? What else have you been working on?
  9. One of the features that mysidia definitely needs are forums (without requiring the user to sign up again but on a completely different site and etc.). Do you think it's doable creating forums using php for mysidia?
  10. My main goal is to finally stick to a workout routine. I just have so much trouble with working out consistently and for the most part at all. (yet I'm in the military how funny)
  11. Just wanted to let you know I'm still working on it. I really am lacking inspiration. ;d
  12. I could see what I can do in terms of making some mock up sketches. Are you primarily looking at more of the layout than colors?
  13. Here's some minipets furvilla came out with for the month of October!
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