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  1. FR Minis (Headshots) Examples for AFF - - - - - Wildclaw | Bogsneak Spiral | Imperial
  2. FR Minis for MistJam - - - - - For users SelfHybrid and NostalgicBreeze
  3. FR Heads for Sale Dragons - - - - -
  4. @Fuzzball sorry for late reply!! I usually do pwyw, so it didn't pay back as much as exalting did so I stopped selling art. xD I could do stuff for free if anyone wants though~ heh
  5. Inqus - my brain baby - - - - -
  6. Aspen's Art Dumpster Hello! Welcome to my Dumpster Fire of an art gallery, image heavy ofc! I will be posting personal and commission work I create here~ Commissions for me is an umbrella term for everything I draw for other people! That includes.. lots of free art. But I don't want to make so many sections. ;v; Commissions (FR) - - - - - Commissions (Misc) - - - - - Adopts & Fun Stuff - - - - -
  7. Think I used to game-hop a lot (I do like how Dappervolk called us world-hoppers, but like said above, the game got very repetitive and time-consuming for me.) between a bunch of pet sites. Leayph remains one of my favorites in art style and I like the events in Wolvden and Lioden, but I'm pretty much settled down in Flight Rising now~
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