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  1. I was talking to someone else who said my site also has a 'failing to open stream' error
  2. I get the internal server error on my site's register page when my .htacess file doesn't have RewriteBase / But if it does have it, then my register page doesn't load at all, and loads back to the home page no matter what link I click on the site! Here is my .htaccess file: link I was talking to someone who said to change the .htaccess file to: https://pastebin.com/XhXguise Which I did, but it didn't fix the issue
  3. @judda I'm running it on 5.6.40. How do I change the base path (and know what the right one is?) The config.inc file says to "Consult your system_check.php file for this path." And the says the base directory is /membri/reim The system check file says everything looks good.
  4. I decided to use the Kitto script to try to make a pet sim on AlterVista. I followed the documentation and the errors on my site never went away after I finished installing the script. I think it may have been because I didn't chmod the directories, but I didn't know how to do it in AlterVista. Here is my site. Kitto doesn't have an active forum/contact section so I'm stumped. Edit: Finally was able to get it fixed! So, the issue was that I didn't have the right paths for the Smarty template directory and HTMLPurifier cache. To get the path, I had to check system_check.php, which lists the base path when looking at your file directory (in AlterVista it's under "File Management"). So let's say the path was: 'base_path' => '/membri/YOURSITE', So the smarty template directory is therefore : 'template_path' => '/membri/YOURSITE/template', And the HTMLPurifier cache path was: 'htmlpurifier_cachedir' => '/membri/YOURSITE/cache',
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