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  1. I've enjoyed virtual pet sites, adoptables, and sims for as long as I've been active online. However one of the biggest things that eventually leads to me abandoning a website has been a lack of immersive content. I'm planning a long-term project and I have plenty of my own ideas, but I'm just in the planning stages still, so I'd love more ideas. I don't want to say too much this early, but my project is animal based (around one species), in which you play as one of the animals. What would you all love to see included in a game/what boosts the immersiveness of a browser-based experience?
  2. I have a couple, let me know if you're interested in any of them. I'd ask $1.00 each minus the cave cat-creature, $2.00 for that.
  3. What type of characters are you looking for? Humanoid, animal, etc? I have many sketches that I'll never do anything with, but they're all creature designs and the like.
  4. Still haven't heard since June and I'm stuck between concern for him and frustration that I've yet to see any sign of getting the refund for the work he wasn't able to do.
  5. The last time I heard from him was in June (and I've reached out since then with no luck).
  6. So will all dinos eat one of the three crop types, or will there also be a way to get meats to feed to carnivores? (Artwork is all looking very lovely!)
  7. Beautiful sprites, I love dinosaurs- especially when they have feathers- so this is pleasing to see. Good luck with it!
  8. Hello, Name's Crows. I am a freelance hobby artist mainly working on 2D digital artworks. I am open for commissions to help cover my medical costs and to care for my animals (chickens!) Here are some of my recent examples; Current Work in Progress (commission): All characters (c) respective owners Current Prices: Sketches - $2.00 Exactly what it sounds like- unrefined sketches. They usually come in 3 layers (initial pose sketch, initial anatomy sketch, clean pre-lineart sketch). Flat-Colors- $5.00 Cleanly lined and colored without shading. May include small background props. Shaded- $15.00 Same as flat-colored but including shading and highlights. CAN and CAN NOT: Can: Animals (real & fantasy) Humanoids (anthros, aliens, humans, etc) Gore NSFW* *additional $2.00 added for any NSFW orders Can NOT: Robots Mecha/machinery TERMS AND CONDITIONS: If you have any questions or would like to order a commission please PM me, post here, or contact me via Discord (Crows#8926). All payments are done through Paypal. Thank you for looking!
  9. I haven't heard from him for a while and have had several bouts of him disappearing and then briefly reappearing for almost six months now. From what I gather he has been having health issues...I do hope he is alright.
  10. I've only skimmed over all of this but breeding is something which I'm passionate about. Offline, real breeding is not how you describe it. There are many decisions that a breeder must make such as how often an animal is bred, at what age babies are weaned and rehomed, which animals are sent to pet homes with spay/neuter contracts, if you even have spay/neuter contracts, which get show contracts, what is included in the contract, what's the health guarantee, which stay, what the animals are fed, how they are housed, how the offspring are socialized, when adults are retired from breeding, how they feel about crossbreeding, controversial topics (declawing, early spay/neuter, etc), and so on. Bad breeders are those who completely disregard the animal's welfare (and that of potential owners). They're in it for profit, and the only way to profit from breeding is by cutting corners in regards to the care for the animal. I have never, ever met a decent breeder who is in it for profit. But there are good breeders, and what they do is good for the animals. These are the folks who breed because they love that breed/animal, and want to share the joy it brings them with others, and because they want to maintain the breed's health, appearance, temperament, and other unique features. Or they're in it for people as much as animals, and may not focus on a registered breed but rather on the health/temperament as a whole (species-wise), and are trying to make an animal that not only thrives with people, but that adds a lot to someone's life. Most good breeders do background checks, thoroughly interview potential homes, and continue to support the owners who end up with their animal(s) for that animal's whole life. They care about the animal in a genuine way, and their biggest concern is that animal's welfare. They wait for their animals to be healthy, fit, and ready for breeding so there really is no "forcing" going on, the animals are usually more than happy to get to it lmao. Good breeders are not abusive. They are not the creators of domesticated species, but it is them who are responsible for the positive continuation of the domesticated species. Bad breeders are abusive. They overbreed animals which results in very poor health for the females (loss of nutrients, reproductive-organ cancers, decline of condition), and rarely put thought into the genetics of their lines, resulting in offspring with congenetive defects and diseases. They do not bother to vet potential owners and likely do not care if the animal ends up in an abusive situation or being abandoned. When it comes to games it's really important to realize that games do not have the same consequences as real life. I like petsites because of the pretty artwork, and engaging gameplay. Genetics are great, I love experimenting with genetics and with games I can do these things in a way that does not impact a real, feeling animal. You can also use games to raise awareness about issues related to the animal industry. It's not all that difficult to do, and it can actually help real animals by engaging people in these problems. Most folks in games are competitive, they want their virtual pets to be good at fighting/competing/whatever, and when something negatively impacts performance then it discourages pursuing that path. Games can allow you to show people the consequences without putting a live animal at risk. That's a good thing, and I like to promote that kind of learning. Like I said I just skimmed, and my response is majorly directed at offline/real-life breeding, only the last paragraph is directly related to gaming.
  11. My hope is to move far enough in development that I can actually start advertising lol. It's a lot of work to go, but a lot can be done in a year (hopefully more than in the past 3 years...).
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