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  1. My primary issue is my ADHD, haha. I just get soooo easily distracted and then completely forget I was even working on something. I really need to just try building a site from the ground-up to "learn on the job," since that's what works best for me. My hope is that eventually I'll secure the funding (again...) to hire a professional programmer who won't vanish on me, to help me in actually getting the bare-bones done, and then learning by modifying what's in place as needed.
  2. Looking for a programmer knowledgeable in PHP and comfortable doing some modifications to the Mysidia Framework to finish up a trade system I've nearly completed. All I need now is to add a feature when accepting a trade to switch all trades including that pet to closed. Trades in the MySQL database store the pet IDs involved in an array in the database. What needs to happen is that when a trade is accepted, all trades in the database with the included pet ID(s) need to be switched from "pending" for status to "closed." This is a heavily modified version of the framework, and the code in question is in one function, in one file, connected with one MySQL table. What needs to happen: When accepting a trade: -Get Pet IDs for both sides (done) -Find where/if involved Pet IDs are found in other trades -Switch trade status to Closed wherever the involved Pet IDs are found I will absolutely pay any programmer able to do this fairly. Please post here or message me here if you're interested in the job. It should be fairly quick and straightforward.
  3. Do you happen to have examples of styles that you're looking for? I know in your documentation link you have some examples, but I'm not sure if those are for styles you like, or rather species concepts?
  4. When deciding to join/check out a VPS, what do you consider the "bare minimum" of features that make it worth it? While I have a rough grasp of PHP, I am still working on learning (and doing so self-taught fashion) so things come slowly, and I do prefer to focus most of my energy in developing story and artwork. So I'd like to figure out what features people aside from me consider to be the bare necessities for a petsite (and I mean besides the basic login/register.) Appreciate your insight!
  5. The storing images is something I struggled with and eventually gave up on (and stopped trying to use imagick) so thank you so, so much for explaining it! Awesome walk-through!
  6. Actually have a feature list this time- note this is based entirely on what I would like to have in my own game, so features may or may not be useful to everyone. Will modify when I find my masterlist of "site features I wanna include" lol. -In-depth coordinate based exploration and event system -Quest System -NPC Creation/Storage -News System -Mini Games
  7. A hosting solution would certainly work as long as it was flexible (offering pay-for-plugins could certainly be an idea!) It has been offered before, MyAdopts was an old one that I was active on until it shut down several years ago. It had a teeny tiny team and unfortunately could not maintain development. Then there was My Virtual Pet Site, I think. I know it promised a lot but ended up falling flat when it was released. I know there also used to be two older ones but I cannot recall the name. I think a big issue is a lot of them do not charge, and do not have a team of developers. So getting a team may be a wise decision to consider.
  8. I think most folks prefer a framework that they buy once and download because it generally offers more flexibility in customization. Honestly the main thing that frustrates me with the very limited currently available frameworks is the total lack of updates or radio silence from developers. Of course "out of the box" the most basic features should be ready to go- secure registration, login, log-out, account management, admin control panel, mod controls. Ability to turn registration on, off, or limit to code-based access, etc. A flexible and fully usable admin control panel is a must. Should be able to turn features on and off, modify pages, users, etc with ease. As for actual pet-game features it depends highly on what style of game you want to cater to. The more adaptable you make it, the more people will be able to use it. Making features togglable is a great way to offer something for everyone. Take a look at most modern virtual pet games and figure out what they have in common. I'd recommend starting small and simple, and then listen to community feedback.
  9. I've enjoyed virtual pet sites, adoptables, and sims for as long as I've been active online. However one of the biggest things that eventually leads to me abandoning a website has been a lack of immersive content. I'm planning a long-term project and I have plenty of my own ideas, but I'm just in the planning stages still, so I'd love more ideas. I don't want to say too much this early, but my project is animal based (around one species), in which you play as one of the animals. What would you all love to see included in a game/what boosts the immersiveness of a browser-based experience?
  10. I have a couple, let me know if you're interested in any of them. I'd ask $1.00 each minus the cave cat-creature, $2.00 for that.
  11. What type of characters are you looking for? Humanoid, animal, etc? I have many sketches that I'll never do anything with, but they're all creature designs and the like.
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