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Wearables, bug fixes, and staff opportunity!


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Hello everyone!


We have a large update for today! First of all, we have made the following bug fixes + design improvements since our last update:

  • Ability to search for horses by age and level
  • Equipping items now increase horse stats
    • remember, you can choose to hide the wearable if the item looks funky on your horse! We will be releasing an area for layer management in the near future :)
  • Improved news comment design
    • The area now matches forum comments! Woohoo!
  • Improved forum topic view
    • The re-design is officially complete!
  • Fixed user tagging
    • This feature has been pesky, but I believe it is working properly again
  • Fixed user shop purchases
  • Item rework
    • Items now show remaining uses
    • Used up items are automatically deleted
    • Wearables have unlimited uses!
  • Fixed world coin purchase error
    • Issues with purchasing world coins from the Cash Shop have been resolved
  • Fixed error with unlocking worlds with world coins
  • Fixed viewing inventory issue
  • Fixed error regarding searching for competitions
  • Added staff page + moderator application to footer area
  • Fixed date error in header
  • Fixed barn navigation error + added barn link under "My Tools"
  • World store restocking 30 minutes after last item is purchased
  • Items without any quantity hidden in World Store
    • Who wants to see items without quantity? I know I dont'!



I hope you guys appreciate those bug fixes, especially the barn fix! We will be working through the remaining bugs (big thanks to Jericho for thumbing through our current errors and sending me a master list!) this week before moving onto breeding. Please be sure to post a comment here if any of the listed fixed bugs still show up for you! Otherwise, we may overlook it/assume it is working properly.

Next, I do have a new staff opportunity I hope to have filled by a current community member. I have a need for a community manager + second hand! Interested? Here is a short description of this position:

This person should be willing to manage our social media accounts (Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, and wiki page), post mini-news on a regular basis, assist in keeping up with the community. This person would essentially be the head-moderator and help me with other misc tasks. Celestial Equine is nearly completed, so I want to make sure we keep our momentum up through the grand-opening! I am having a hard time managing it all, unfortunately.

This position is currently a game currency paid position, but I intend on adding RL payment once the grand-opening occurs (Jan 1). If interested, please fill out the moderator application listed in the staff section but title your application "Community Manager". Please include any previous social media management experience as well! This will be the main area I look at since this position does have a head social media emphasis. Also, feel free to send in referrals as well.


Lastly, id like to recap some of our mini-news posts incase you have missed them! Remember, mini-news pots are posted more often than full news posts now :) Be sure to check the forums for these updates!


As previously  mentioned, wearables are here! As of now, we only have tack related items released. However, we will be releasing some fun robes and other seasonal wearables within the next few days! We will be releasing some of these items as Cash Shop "specials", too. Here is a teaser including some of our upcoming tack releases!


I don't know about you, but I for sure need a pink glitter/marble saddle in my life!

Also - we have been polo CRAZY around here. Here's our recently released polos! If you're a polo hoarder like myself (so, so guilty), I suggest you stalk our world stores!



I will be releasing some additional polos later on today :D


As stated in our mini-news post, we had an error with horses not having an associated body type saved in the database. We having added a little body-type area to your horse's profile, so we would appreciate it if you all set the appropriate body type! We have a body type reference guide here if you are unsure of your horse's body type or would like to confirm it :) We will be closing the body type selection on Monday, so please get it done before then! Body types are important for wearables and breeding.


Well, that about wraps up this news post! Please check back later for additional mini-news updates regarding bug fixes. Also - please be sure to test newly released features so we can be sure to address those bugs before our grand opening!

Thank you,

CE Staff

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