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Logo & Web Designer for Hire [Open]

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Hello, I'm Camy, short for Camille.  I'm a web designer searching for more work on pet-sites some more after creating some for two already.  I have experience for the past 10 years and have completed college in Web & Interactive Design for 4 years. 

I require a wireframe that is digitally made or a sketch now up front as well as half payment.  I will not start without one since you need to know what you want.  I will not accept pet sites as references, they do not tell me what you want, how images you want to be laid, and so on.

When I'm finished with a page, and payment has been made in full, the PSD will be sent hosted on Google Drive along with fonts if necessary in a .zip file that were used in the design. 

If you have any questions, feel free to message me, I check this site daily.



  • USD only via Paypal.
  • $25 one time for logo.
  • $35 per page for web design.
  • Half or all upfront, whichever you are comfortable.


Contact me by PMing me on this site or my email rayesesshyfan@gmail.com








Click on the images below for a full view.

t2ehoEi.jpg e8uDOWF.jpg MlXiCUp.jpgzx1BBdl.gif

Horse stock by yellowfang1999 @ deviantart.com.  
Header background stock by AshenSorrow @ deivantart.com.

Edited by Camy
Added more information on what I require at the start.
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LV 4

I'm still available ^^

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