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New breed, bug fixes, and competition update


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Hello watchers!

First off, I want to thank everyone for being so patient and willing to test the competitions! This will help us get a handle on what is going on with this judging cron. We do have a report ready to go for tonight's shows, so we will have an exact idea of who should have received what! It would be VERY helpful for you all to continue in our competition thread ;) I have also made note of a few competition suggestions and home to make some modifications to our system in the coming week. Remember, we love suggestions for improvement!

Next, we got a bug with notifications fixed up today! As of now, you will only get a ping when someone replies to a thread you created. We will be integrating user "tagging" next week!

Finally, we are still working on our issue with automatic upgrades + gem credits. We have pinpointed the problem, but it will likely take through the weekend to get patched up. Until then I am still manually crediting/upgrading everyone! I appreciate everyone who has upgraded/purchased credits. Thank you for helping fund our continued development!

Now, onto the pretties!

Today's release is a MH oldie, the Skrael! This breed can be found and created in the War lands. We will slowly add additional mane/tail/wing colors over the weekend! Also, we have noted the minor layering issue on this breed. This was a flaw in how I broke up the layers, which we will get fixed up over the weekend. However, this breed is still an absolute beauty!




Lastly, onto the spotlight of the day! You all have been making so much progress with your horses in the competitions, so today was a tough one.


Today's spotlight horse is






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