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PRIZE: $10 Amazon Voucher x 2


Welcome to The Big TGL Launch Giveaway! We are celebrating the release of this all-new site by giving away two $10 Amazon Vouchers to two lucky members. Entering is not at all difficult, and you can enter in either of the following (or both) ways:

  1. Link your TGL Account with your Twitter Account, follow TGL and then Retweet our Giveaway Post.
  2. Link your TGL Account with your Facebook Account, like TGL and then Share our Giveaway Post.

We are looking to grow our community as much as possible to ensure that the best achievable service is provided to all of you avid game players, hard-working game developers or budding artists and programmers! By sharing the post around social media, our community will soon expand and before you know it this place with be lively and booming with rich content being released faster than you could ever desire. Without the support of our members there will be a minimal chance of this site succeeding - so, it's all down to you guys. 

Hopefully I'll see you around, and feel free to message me if you have any questions about the giveaway or otherwise. 


Marketing Co-ordinator



Winners! Congrats to @Pepper-Head and @PaulSonny. Runner up is @Hare


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On 3/9/2017 at 5:56 AM, Callum said:

so, it's all down to you guys. 

Put the pressure on the members. I like this strategy, haha.

I don't have a very active Facebook, but I'll share when we have more posts here, so anyone that stops by will see a decent amount of activity.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Sorry for delay in this, however winners have been announced and I will be getting in contact through PM to the winners to arrange prizes. Congrats to @Pepper-Head and @PaulSonny for their participation, they each win $10 amazon gift cards. Our runner up is @Hare who deserves congratulations also.

Remember, without the amazing contributions and participation of our members, we don't have a great community!

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