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Item Art Commissions (open 9/1/17)

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~ Corsair Item Art CommissionsPink_slimes.PNG.d24ccd4001bec8d374e5bea2896ffe88.PNG~

 I am kind in the mood to do more pet site work. It's quite a bit of fun but not a useful skill out side of this forum so I don't get to do it as much as I'd like to.

$2.50 - free basic recolours)   |      .50 -for anything beyond a basic recolour

(I'm not sure about items that require animations)



More Example:

Kalune Art -Verpets - Other examples (needs updating:pensive:)


I also do pixel art if that is a thing you need.

      -  poppy.gif.e528afcda21a80fdd9c98ef6914c2ce7.gif  -


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2 hours ago, mariell said:

Hi there! I need 11 items done; do you think you can do these 11 for $27.5?

  • Small Paintbucket
  • Medium Paintbucket
  • Large Paintbucket
  • Prism
  • Gender Potion
  • Crystal Ball Fragment
  • Cracked Crystal Ball
  • Crystal Ball
  • Scroll of Destiny
  • Fertility Potion
  • Baby Basket

I've sent you a PM

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