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Wajas: Pearadise Festival Winners and End Credits!


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White Friday Sale is happening now! REMINDER Click to buy! CWP is now buy one get one! Deal lasts from May 22nd, Start of Day - May 29th, End of Day. Get it while it's hot! Also, don't forget that our newest mutation Kelpie Hair 's DNA leaves the CWP Shop once the month is over. If you were holding off on grabbing one or ten, make sure to buy before the month is up! Pearadise Fest Credits: Sparra Miami the Plush Wajaw Participation Prize Shell Eggs Washed Up Kelp Seashell Garland Sassafras the Seagull Seafoam Steps Sea Urchin Pampas Grass Oceanic Eye Shadow Oceanic Cape Giant Clam Shell Carnival Dock Wallpaper Carnival Beach Wallpaper Ghost Crab Bamboo Torch Anchor Spot the Difference SM Game Art Find the egg game: Hosted by: Bluee and Sparra Images by: Bluee, Averan, Sparra, Admiral Dressup Game: Idea: Admiral Hosted by: Sadi Guide by: Sparra

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