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issues with reviews


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i recently decided to start reviewing all the petsites i've been playing lately on the gamingdirectory, and find new petsites to play, but i've run into some issues.

the main problem: it's not actually possible to read all reviews for a petsite. i mistakenly assumed that, somehow, by pure chance, every site i looked at on the directory only had one review. instead it seems either the latest review, or the oldest review (seems to be random?) is the only one you can ever see. the "reviews" tab does not show all reviews. it just shows one, no matter how many there are.

this...severely demotivates me from trying to write any more, since it seems most people who view the petsite's page on the directory won't ever see what i wrote anyway.

another issue is, i can't find a way to edit my review. i made some mistakes i'd like to fix, and there was a feature i intended to mention that i completely forgot about while i was writing.


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Hi @freedom Thank you for this feedback!

All of the reviews are available here on the site, but I do understand where you are coming from.  What I can do is add in pagination, and maybe several more reviews on that specific tab.

The not being able to edit was a decision made fairly early on just to prevent people from randomly going back and dropping the reviews after the fact. But I do agree that a "timeout" window is likely needed to allow for exactly what you mentioned.  We all make mistakes when typing and would love to tweak it after the fact!

I do have plans to migrate where it's hosted as well, so I will try to get these issues resolved within the coming weeks!


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