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IcePets.com: It's Aurestal Day!


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Aurestal Header 1

As you look up at the morning sky, you'll see a flurry of red, white, and green lights illuminating Terrafrost. You may feel an unexpected urge to share your belongings with a loved one. Others may feel ambitious for the new year to come. And some, regardless of circumstances, will notice a powerful sense of tranquility. In other words, Aurestal Day is finally here!

Aurestal Tree

Now that the big day has arrived, it's time to head on over to your Holiday Trees! You can open all of your gifts at once, or alternatively, you can open them gradually throughout the new year. The choice is yours -- just bear in mind that your remaining gifts will be locked up on December 1st, 2023!

Snowspouch Enchanted Aurestal Drum Aurestal Cube Surprise

We'd also like to let everyone know that the Aurestal Shop has updated their stock for the season! Hurry over to spend your hard-earned Aurestal Points on some cool rewards. If you missed out on any Advent Calendar Items, you can buy them here!


We wish everyone a very happy Aurestal! No matter how you spend this special occasion, we hope your day is filled to the brim with joy!

The Staff of IcePets would like to wish everyone a happy Aurestal! This year has been full of excitement, and we hope the next is even better! As our yearly tradition, we've decorated some signs to celebrate this special occasion.

Holiday Photo 2022
Open in a new tab to see the full resolution!

We'd also like to invite our warm and loving community to join in on the fun! Feel free to post a photo of yourself, a pet, or a stuffed animal with a decorated sign in the thread below. Be sure to include your username and the words "Happy Holidays"! As long as your photo fits this criteria and is appropriate for the site, you can get as wild and creative with it as you'd like. Just be sure to share it before December 28th, 23:59:59 IcePets Time if you'd like to receive an Aurestal Snow Jar as a participation reward.

Aurestal Header 2

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