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PaulSonny (Programmer)

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PLEASE SEE THE FOLLOWING COMMUNITY WARNING! Paul owes several people work and has disappeared. 




Hey TGL! Just had to share how great things have been going with @PaulSonny over on Kasaria! :bashful:

He has worked as my programmer for about 4 or 5 months. First I was having him make HTML5 games, then he updated our layout to Bootstrap. The prices were very fair and he made excellent improvements!

Now he is Kasaria's main programmer, and I've been very satisfied with his friendliness and speed of working! I'll have a huge list of things to do - and he is very thorough with knocking it out or getting back to me quickly asking for clarification. Kasaria has had a few bugs spring up from the layout change and continuation or addition of features, but was very quick to familiarize himself and work well with the existing code.

I think what's also important is that he genuinely cares about the projects he works on! Kasaria recently had its beta launch, and I never expected or suggested to him to check on the forums to keep up with bugs or anything being reported. I'm generally pretty quick to get that information to him. However, while I was away for work or classes - he checked the forum and interacted with players, helping them with bugs, introducing quick quality of life updates, and updating them when things were corrected. Everything he's done has been wonderful, and he always works with further improving or integrating things in the future!

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Just wanted to add here that @PaulSonny just completed some work for me on HP, which I'm extremely happy with! He was super prompt, friendly, and communicated well.

He finished the job completely without leaving loose ends or bugs, and kept me updated as he was finishing things, as well as checked in with me at the end to make sure nothing was missed.

He was able to read through my plans and easily/quickly pick up where another programmer had left off even though he was not familiar with the game and had never seen HP's code before (which has given a lot of programmers a run for their money over the years, so the fact that he was able to fall right into place speaks volumes to me about his skill level and professionalism).

I wouldn't hesitate to work with him again!

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I honestly do not have enough positive words in my vocabulary to accurately describe how amazing Paul's work is! However, I will do my best.

I was on the verge of having to go on yet another development hiatus with Celestial Equine, which as you all know is a tough pill to swallow. I had been pouring money into this project on a weekly basis for the last year with hardly any progress to show for it. I am thrilled to have found an experienced programmer with a thorough understanding of Pet Games! After-all, this concept can be hard to describe to an outside programming team. After this last week, I have gotten back on track with opening beta by the end of the month! Paul is not only quick, but has excellent communication despite our opposite work hours! He also is very detail orientated and keeps the end goal in mind; a playable game. Rather than leaving one tiny loose-end, he goes ahead and fixes any additional issues found while finishing up a feature!

I highly recommend Paul to anyone looking for a programmer!

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I've worked with PaulSonny for several months now. He's been writing unit tests for Pet Game Framework. He is always delivers when he says he will and has been really reliable. If I find any issues with something he fixes it promptly. I enjoy working with him and I hope to continue working with him for a long time to come.

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Just a heads up - we saw a post by @PaulSonny was made on LinkedIn saying he was looking for development work (https://www.linkedin.com/posts/paulsonnycook_im-actively-looking-for-a-full-time-net-activity-6618932547869118464-ezyI), this means he may come back to our community to try to get paid for coding. I would be extremely wary about doing any work with him.

Please see the community thread about his history: https://thegaminglist.com/topic/1422-missing-in-action-paulsonny/?tab=comments#comment-7157

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