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Wajas: Black Friday Reminder, Early Announcement for Events


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Black Friday Announcement This is just a quick reminder that Wajas will have our typical Black Friday BOGO sale - "30 CWP for $15". In addition to this, we will have some sort of limited time sale in the CWP Shop, it may be dyes, DNAs, or something else entirely. We're still hashing this out, but want to make sure the users know that there will be something and have a chance to keep that in mind when making any purchases. The dates for these sales will be from the 21st through the end of day on the 28th. Fall Thankful Week, Events and Discussions We're announcing these early so that users can go ahead and have it in their plans if they want to partake. Clicking the links won't work until the day of release (the first day in parenthesis). Please set a reminder on your phone or calendar if you want to partake, there will not be a reminder post since they have staggered end times. Please do not ask when winners will be announced for these.

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