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Lythbound: Join Us in Avalon... With an Invasion!? Secret Santa Signups and more!


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A New Door Has Been Opened...

Chaos and Order;
Emotion and Stoicism;
Conflict and Resolution;
Haste and Restraint;
Everything and Nothing.


Avalon is a realm of perfect balance and the existence of an equal opposite. The two constantly warring halves leave the air full of magic, forever sustained as a hotspot for upcoming magic users so long as one side doesn't overtake the other... With this new realm comes four new Lythian Species and one new Companion Species available for creation!

Avalon has been added to the Enigmatic Realm Key pool, found in Truffle's Treasure Trove! But read on for a way to get a headstart into the realm...

The wish-granting Faerilees are simple folk, born from dandelion wishes to the extent of even taking on features of their "creator"'s wish! Their membrane-covered antennae allow them to sense wishes in order to help aid in their fulfillment!

To create a Fabremon, a spirit is beckoned into a magic-imbued gem, made with fabric and stitching it with life. However, the spirits involved aren't always particularly willing, especially those from an ages-old battle...

What's this? Another species with a core and chargers...? The Galibytes, however, are entirely artificial. They additionally completely lack any noteworthy magical inclination, instead opting for dedication towards science and the creation of machines that make up for their lack of ability. Although... did they really originate from Avalon...?

Rivaling the Levii in height, Veelae are incapable of harboring any other state of being other than being benevolent or malevolent, meaning they can be very prone to different interpretations on the subject of "Good" or "Evil"!

Lastly, the affection-eating Atenilae are a new, ridable companion who have come straight for your love! They are an artificial reconstruction, made with a combination of magic and science.

Most of these species, as well as the Leabell subspecies Lealai, and Buzinyas, are of MinkasReverie's creation, originating from an ARPG known as FaerieMeadow before being brought into Lythbound!

Dromilae were conceptualized and created by CakeBird, and Ponilae were conceptualized and created by Jarre.
Fabremon were initially conceptualized and created by wolvesstrife, before being merged into FaerieMeadow and then Lythbound.

Welcome, Meadowlings!

If you own any FaerieMeadow or Fabremon characters, please send in a support ticket with proof of character creation and/or ownership! Examples of proofs of ownership include Toyhou.se transfer histories, screenshots, etc. Characters must have existed before October 15th, 2020 to qualify!
Applicable Species Include:
- Atenilee
- Buzinya (see below for import information)
- Faerilee
- Fabremon
- Galibyte
- Faefluff (will be imported as Veela - Charmed)
- Faejinx (will be imported as Veela - Jinxed)
- Leabell

Meadowling "MYOs" from before October 15th, 2020 may also be brought in and will be added to the Index as a new slot using a placeholder image.
Buzinya characters may be subject to requiring redesign before being brought in due to the nature of original Buzinyas.
Buzinya "MYOs" from before October 15th, 2020 will be compensated with your choice of Buzinya or Buzimew morph item + either a Lythian or Companion Avalon Egg.

Upon transferring old characters to the Lythbound index, you will be granted the Meadowling hidden achievement!


On-Site Supporter System

We have officially implemented a new Supporter System that runs without Patreon! We hope this will be more readily accessible to users who don't have Patreon but wish to support us.

Starting today, Supporter Packs are available to be purchased from the Cash Shop as an item, which you can then "activate" from your Inventory in order to get Supporter benefits! Additionally, these items are transferrable, allowing you to purchase and gift Supporter Status to other users! These will not automatically renew themselves once they run out, but you can see how much time you have remaining from the Supporter Hub, and add additional time at any point.

Full Supporter Status perks are listed in the Cash Shop!

At this current moment, these items are available in flavors of 30 Days, 180 Days, and 360 Days!


Eventually, we plan to add an automated subscription system similar to the Lythbound Patreon (which will continue running concurrently until the subscription system is implemented) and alternative payment methods outside of PayPal. There is no estimated date for these features at this current time but they are planned!

As always, thank you all for your support, whether you choose to pay or not! 

...Wait, what's coming out of the Door...?!

EVENT: Buzinya Invasion!
With Avalon’s door being opened, a flood of Buzinyas and Buzimews seem to have viciously escaped. Sightings from other realms are increasing by the day as they’ve begun running amok in all the Realms of Lyth. As such, they’ll be a lot more common than they were before… And with that, two representatives have appeared, hoping to remedy this situation in two very different ways…


Ruby, a very chIpper Faerilee doesN’t seem all that pressed with the sudden invasion, in Fact hE seems rather… welComing? NoT to mEntion how enthusiastic he is to show off his rather interesting stock, available for purchase until the enD of the event.



On the other hand Nill, a Galibyte, is looking for extra hands! They need all the help they can get, as it seems they’re trying to create a new concoction to safely purge a Buzinya or Buzimew from a host’s body, returning them to normal! They also appear to have information on how these parasites can very easily be made harmless…

This event will run from now to November 30th at 23:59:59 site time! Participating in any prompt from the Buzinya Research Facility will reward you with a special achievement as well as a guaranteed Avalon key for any Lythian tagged in a prompt from the facility.

Additionally, we have three Lythians up for raffle! Be sure to check them out below!

Will you help Nill create a cure? Or will you use their trust to your advantage, furthering the infection?

Secret Santa Sign-Ups


Our yearly Secret Santa exchange is now available for sign-ups! Please visit the page for full information and the sign-up form! Sign-ups close November 25, 2022, 23:59:59 EST!

Lumiheim Sales Event Sign-Ups


Sign-ups end: November 10th, 2022, 23:59:59

We are seeking guest artists for our yearly winter-themed sales event, to be posted in December during Lumiheim!
This will be an advent event, where designs are posted in sequence on certain days, as flat sales, auctions, or flat sale raffles. Please sign up if you would be interested in participating and completing 1 Lythian design (and 1 optional companion design) by a deadline of December 1st, 2022.

Apply here!

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