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Wajas: November Monthly Items


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November Monthly Items Leaf Exchange: Mushroom Cavern Wallpaper by Sym, Mushroom Cavern Foreground by Estu, Subtle Bokeh Lights Blue by Estu Bonus Barn: Glowing Mushroom Friends by Estu CWP Shop: Glowing Vine Collar by Estu Dye Shop: Dye Bloom (15 year anniversary marking suggested by Eryn - 3596, drawn by Char) Notice about 15 Year stuff: With some of our artists stepping down, we've shifted who is doing what, hang with us as we get the rest of this out. The mutation has been swapped over to Fatal, he's going to get that done ASAP. Girher is working on finishing the Bamboo Foreground, and Zeph is finishing up the winning Wallpaper design. CWP Buyers Appreciation Raffle: Impossible, Opacity Glitch Custom Don't forget that last months site raffles end tonight, get your tickets while you can! And lastly, Click for this months site and SM on goings .

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