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Wajas: Final days of October, door, contest, and more.


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Good morning Wajaians! Coming to you live from my office while eating cardboard (triscuit crackers) to announce that the Trick or Treat Door is live! You can read more about the door here , but please note, you can visit the door every hour on up to two accounts . Next up, you should have received a large pumpkin (drawn by the awesome Estu) as a gift of activity if you've been on since October 1st . This large pumpkin is currently being used in a contest! If you did not get one, or crave more, you can buy them at the Accessory Shop . The goal for the contest is to create a jack-o-lantern out of the large pumpkin and any on site items (minus patches and crafts). Have fun with it! Further information on the contest can be found here . Lastly, consider this your warning that the following is leaving: All monthly items (this you obviously know, but since I am in the process of a reminder, adding it in). Dyes and DNAs exclusive to October will le

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