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Wajas: Part 7: Preliminary Test


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The glow of radiant flickering blue light was everywhere.   Every jar, every beaker, every single test tube large enough, and even a long row of clear glasses taken from the kitchen upstairs and covered with small tea saucers.   But nowhere was the light brighter than in a pair of tall columns on either side of a lattice of metal and lights.   The old portal looked completely different now—larger, more sturdy, and with the glowing columns attached, clearly poised for something extraordinary.   Whether the extraordinary was destined to be in the positive…or in the exploding…remained to be seen.       There was no doubt that the denizens of Lunaria had answered the call.   Thousands of the strange little pebbles had been willingly donated to the experiment, the power-laden bugs contained within safely extracted and contained.   It had been nonstop work for days, with little time for meals or even sleep.

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