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Seeking Programmer (Artists pending)


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I'm a previous owner of an avatar website hosted around 2014-2019. I truly have a love for websites like these and I'm hoping to once again share my love with other people. I have lots of ideas but very minimal knowledge in programming. I'm very familiar with the art aspect of things but still would like someone more refined than myself to work with to make things look great. We can discuss hire information when we chat. You can PM me here for the chat or I can offer you my Discord via PM if you're interested. I'll keep this post updated throughout time. 

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I'm currently available as an artist for part-time or full-time commercial work if you're interested! I tend to do a little bit of everything as a multi-purpose artist and have worked with multiple studios/various styles so I'm pretty flexible on what kind of content I can craft. I'll send you details in a PM if you would like to get in touch. Thank you much~ 😊

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some questions
 - expected pace/dedication to the project (eg. will the staff team be treating this as a side project or is it expected to be a full time commitment)
- projected size of the project (eg. how many features are you expecting or when will the project be launched; this is more for an idea of how long of a commitment this might be)
- pay rate and project budget
- plans for how this will be funded
- prior experience / name of the past site that was worked on

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