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Seeking Back End Developer & Digital Artist


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Updated 2023: 

I'm looking to create a new interactive online avatar + pet community, with forums, games, and the alike. The avatar and customization shop will be pixel art focused, and the pet/bug/etc will be digitally paint focused. 

The site itself will be based off of a CodeIgniter close source code from a previous Avatar Community I had owned (not including database records, this would be an entirely new site). The code for the original website (not owned by me) is open source and available on github for reference.

Already includes things like: avatar creation system, friendship, trades, marketplace, forums, 1 game to earn currency, minor event scripts.

I am looking for Source Control and willing to discuss shifting Frameworks.

The current framework needs to be updated from an older CodeIgniter version to version 4+.

There will be a dev environment included. 

For this project we already have support from a Front End Developer, and a Pixel Artist. 

Currently seeking a Back End Developer comfortable with CodeIgniter and it's respective languages: PHP (90%), JS (5%), CSS (4.5%), misc. (.5%). 

Currently seeking a Digital Artist comfortable working with PhotoShop Gradients, and your own preferred other art mediums.

This is the most important part: 

This project is currently supported by volunteers who are willing to support the project by independent decision, fully knowing this project is a hobby for these people who want to make a great community.

That being said: If you're looking for commission or profit sharing, we are always open to discussion. We will never prematurely turn down a person seeking compensation and I overly encourage you to reach out to me to see if we can reach an agreement. 

Please PM me if you have further questions. 

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I'm currently available as an artist for part-time or full-time commercial work if you're interested! I tend to do a little bit of everything as a multi-purpose artist and have worked with multiple studios/various styles so I'm pretty flexible on what kind of content I can craft. I'll send you details in a PM if you would like to get in touch. Thank you much~ 😊

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  • Fawn changed the title to Seeking Programmer (Artists pending)

some questions
 - expected pace/dedication to the project (eg. will the staff team be treating this as a side project or is it expected to be a full time commitment)
- projected size of the project (eg. how many features are you expecting or when will the project be launched; this is more for an idea of how long of a commitment this might be)
- pay rate and project budget
- plans for how this will be funded
- prior experience / name of the past site that was worked on

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  • Fawn changed the title to Seeking Back End Developer & Digital Artist
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