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Lythbound: Welcome, Astral Story!


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Hello, everyone!
January has been a busy month and it’s time for a new announcement.
Please welcome Astral Story and its denizens!

✦ Astral Integration

Astral Story was actually a project that I (Jack) had worked on throughout 2019, and then continued simultaneously alongside Lyth for a while. Unfortunately, running two games stretched me a bit too thin, and after the success of the Lyth merge, I decided (with the help of Lyth’s team) to merge Astral Story into the Realm of Lyth!

Similar to the Symph Pond merger earlier this year, Astral Story’s species and concepts are being absorbed completely into Lyth, so you’ll be seeing some new faces and features thanks to this! We expect this to mostly be a lot of additions to Lyth, same as it was with the Symph merger, and I’m excited to move forward with even more cool species to play with! Astral Story species will gain the ability to take part in any aspect of Lyth that any of our other playable species can.

Here's the six new Astrals, who will now be resident Lythians:

/storage/assets/info/species/axomaur.png /storage/assets/info/species/flyte.png /storage/assets/info/species/gryfon.png
/storage/assets/info/species/kella-ser.png /storage/assets/info/species/natbaktera.png /storage/assets/info/species/wolfren.png

Artwork by @Jackalune and Species Guide!

If you had an Astral Story account, we will also be merging those into Lyth, so you will be able to redeem and keep earned things on your Realm of Lyth account! We hope to once again fully integrate this new community with the Lythian community, so please give the Astral Story folks a warm welcome as well!

✦ Currency Changes

The biggest alteration happening along with this is currency changes. With these merges and a re-evaluation of our many currencies, we have reached the decision to merge all currencies into one: Loonoles. While we may have other event/specific currencies in the future, we feel that one currency for all primary shops and functions will be less confusing and allow us to focus less on balancing that section of the game, so we can put more of our efforts into making other new features.

To facilitate this, the following currency will be changed to Loonoles at the following rates:

All Lyth Currencies 1:1 Loonoles (1 any currency = 1 Loonole)
That'd be Carashean, Colozian, Ladarka, Mordial, Pippik, Loy, Moyn, Myur, Wreyn, Wyar, and Zeyl.
Marbles 1:1 Loonoles (1 Marble = 1 Loonole)
Dust (Astral Story’s currency) 5:1 Loonoles (5 Dust = 1 Loonoles)

Gems are NOT being changed, as these were purchased with USD.
We are still working on the best method of releasing paid currency perks for those with this currency.

Our plan from here is to adjust the amount earned from various art activities, as well as potentially shop prices, to try and ensure a stable economy, and better equality for currency-earning between artistic methods moving forward.


I am very excited to work on all of the new things coming to Lyth, and hope you all are excited to see them as well!
As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please join our Discord for live assistance~

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