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Lythbound: [EVENT] Discord Emoji Contest!


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Hello, everyone, and welcome to the Realm of Lyth’s first Discord Emoji Contest!
As you may have already guessed by the title, we'd like to fill our Discord with more emojis!

✦ Requirements ✦

You must be in our Discord server.
You must have an on-site account.

✦ Entry Guidelines ✦

You may submit up to 5 emojis.
Discord recommends they be 128x128 px in size.
Emojis can be based on Discord emojis, memes, anything really!
Absolutely no NSFW is allowed.

Characters cannot be personal characters that you own, sorry!
For Forim descendants, you may draw Fluff, Charr, Leaff, Saltt, or Murkk.
They must be in their basic forms, no customization of appearance!
Antecedents and Companions may be from the Species Guides page.
You may also use any of our official NPCs, as seen in the shops!

Entries must be submitted to this Google Form.
You can submit your entries separately or in a single submission.
But make sure to save a transparent PNG file in case you win!

Our contest deadline is April 11 at 23:59:59 EDT.

✦ Judging Guidelines ✦

1. Please understand that we may not be able to have every emoji in the server!
2. Ideally, we'd like to spread them out among the species, so keep that in mind.
- (So preferably no more Symphonies, Natbaktera, or Kella Ser this time!)
3. We also already have some emojis, so similar ones are less likely to be chosen.
- (Dabbing, Big Thonk, Surprised Pikachu Face, Knife Cat, etc.)
4. Think about what emojis and reactions you would actually use!

✦ Prizes ✦

Of course, chosen emojis will be added into our server for everyone to use!
If your emoji wins, you get a Crafting Loot Box per emoji chosen.
These boxes each have 5 ingredients in them that can be used for crafting!
(Crafting is currently in testing for Patreon subscribers and coming soon for everyone!)

If you’d prefer something a little more tangible, you may also ask for 50 Loonoles per emoji instead.
Even if you don’t get chosen, everyone gets the Emojify Achievement for participating!

Good luck and have fun!

We also have released a New User Tutorial which will hopefully help explain some site features a bit better! Please do read through it — even if you are not a new player, there is a gift pack at the end which everyone can receive once!

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