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Lythbound: [EVENT] Lyara's Blessings


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Once a year, Lyara graces the realms with their presence.
Will you approach them to receive their blessing?

✦ Who is Lyara?

Lyara, the deity of fertility, has many different physical forms. This is because they take on the form of someone you consider family, which is different for every Lythian; this also means that they can appear to a single individual in a multitude of ways, if they have a large family. The one constant about Lyara is their halo, which floats above them throughout all iterations. They are also one of the more active deities in that Lythians have a very good chance of interacting with them. This is because, once a year, they travel across all the realms of Lyth to offer everyone a chance to have a very specific blessing granted: an offspring.

Lyara’s blessings are offspring!

This deity sometimes takes the physical characteristics of two Lythians and blends them into a new being, one that is young and new to the world, before depositing them… somewhere. They may or may not require a guardian to watch over them, depending on their individual personalities, so many things come with the roll of a dice. In fact, Lyara will sometimes just create one from scratch, or even gift an offspring to unsuspecting Lythians!

What this means is that Lythians do not have to do anything physical or even be in a relationship to be blessed with an offspring; all babies are basically created out of thin air by the deity. So you are free to a wide range of backstories on how family dynamics — or lack thereof — come to be!

✦ Receiving a Blessing

To receive an offspring, fill out this form by August 31st, 2020 @ 23:59:59.
(There are additional guidelines in it, so please read carefully.)
Please note that if you fill it out, a designer will be contacting you for payment.
The above form is not for getting a free baby design.
Forms cannot be deleted or edited by the submitter once confirmed, but can be declined by staff. If you have made a mistake on your form, please contact us regarding it.
By participating in at least one of Lyara’s blessings, you’ll also get an achievement!

If you are partnering your Lythian with someone else's, one person needs to submit the form for both of you, and the other person will receive a notification asking for confirmation. If the notification is accidentally deleted, the request will still show up on the form page and can be confirmed or denied there.
Additionally, you can only request to breed with Lythians that belong to a site account!

Offspring currently cannot be grown just yet. We plan on releasing quests and origin tales that are unique to each species which, upon completion, will allow you to submit an adult design for any baby designs you already own or will receive from this event. These quests — which will be called "Origin Stories" — will be released as soon as we can. Thank you for your patience and understanding!

✦ Blessings Season Prompts

The period of time when Lyara delivers their blessings is colloquially known as "blessings season." It occurs simultaneously across all the realms, so Lythians know when to make their preparations, though some may still be caught off guard:

✦ What is This?

Different individuals have varied reactions to babies.
What is your Lythian’s immediate response to them?
(There are baby Symphonies, Nitpickies, and Kuniklovs already existing!)

✦ Baby-Proofing

Is your Lythian one of the ones receiving Lyara’s blessings?
If yes, they’ve got to baby-proof their homes first!

✦ Meeting Lyara

This deity is one of the easier ones to meet.
As previously mentioned, they take on the form of a family member.
What is your Lythian’s reaction to meeting Lyara?

✦ Requirements
Your piece must earn you at least 20 Loonoles by Free Play guidelines.
This means you can choose what elements you’d like to include per submission.
You can turn in a maximum of three prompts; you can do the same prompt three times if you'd like!
Submit them via the ARPG submit form under "Event Prompt."
They must be turned in by September 30th, 2020 @ 23:59:59 EST to be eligible for rewards!

✦ Rewards
Completing at least one prompt gives you the “Lyara’s Blessings” achievement!
As always, you earn Loonoles based on the piece(s) you submit.
Remember to claim the bonus + 5 (Event Quest) Loonoles!


If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us!


The Lilipeep, Natbaktera, Nimblithe, Nitpicki, Nudinym, Onini, Siircio, Symphony, and Wolfren species pages have now all by updated with new information!
You may have to use ctrl+f5 to clear your cache and see any updated images on the species pages.

Changes to existing Sheceans as mentioned in the previous news post will occur likely Wednesday or Thursday of this week. If you are interested in submitting a Lythian with a Shecean ID to the breeding form or an ARPG prompt, you can still safely do so anytime!

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