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Wajas: Part 4: An "Expert" Opinion


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  “Miss Vyra, do you have a moment?”   At first, the all-powerful Over—…former overlord—did not hear the voice call her name.  She was busily packing away her little shop for the day.  A humble merchant…such a fate was far from what she had envisioned for herself, but she had warmed up to most parts of it a long time ago.  Having a relatively small shop-stand as opposed to something large and grand was far easier to manage (which was good for her occasional tendencies to become bored and find other things to amuse herself—such things would be impossible without a nice little shop she could easily pack away).  She liked providing her customers with goods only she could provide, and what unique goods they were.  And the money was nice too.   Strange, how the former all-powerful and all-glorious could be amused by something so bland and common as money.  But who was she to

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