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I want to get back into programming however have been out of the game for a good few years now. I want to brush up on my skills and look into what changes there have been since.

I am offering to program for free, ideally for a new site who already have an idea but no programmer. Or a site that is currently using a base/free code and want to have their own custom coding. I am only looking for one site at the moment. 

I'm in the UK so my time is GMT. I will be available in the evenings to discuss plans and progress. 

I code in PHP and can do HTML however, I like making things work rather than making things look nice. I am happy however to work with you/your graphics designer if required. 

I have coded a number of sites including the base coding for solpets, Atween, and the 2nd version of the virtual pet site creator myvirtualpetsite.com (closed down in around 2018 ish I think) 

Some of the things I have coded include user accounts, banks, shops, inventory, pets, colour changing pet images (the code changes the colour rather than an artist having to re colour it), breeding pets, trades, games, quests, the back end of the admin panel to add new items, pets etc, user management including banning etc, forums with full BBcode and custom features, avatars/dolls, art trades, private messaging, pretty much anything and everything you find on a virtual pet site I have coded previously. I can pretty much code anything else you can think of that is physicaly possible with PHP. 

Feel free to post or PM me if interested :)

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