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Ibbit's Art Sale Post.

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Email Me: [email protected]

Discord: Ibbit#8513

Recently come into hard times, have a lot of medical/debts coming up this year so I'm going to setup a little shop post here for any creatures/items/assets I'm willing to sell while I look for more freelance work. Email me at [email protected] to buy or directly on Discord via Ibbit#8513 to purchase available assets (also please feel free to check out my freelance gig post if you'd like to hire me for custom work)


Elemental Lizards Set | HD Fullsize 2500x2500px | $60 USD Per Design Asset or $300 USD for Full Set


Wild West Woman Character Design | HD Fullsize 4344x3936px | $100 USD for Character Asset


Water Superhero Gal | HD Fullsize 3600x5400px | $200 USD for Character Asset



Alien Street Gal Character Design | HD Fullsize 1050x800px | $200 USD for Character Sheet Asset


Various Concept Sketches | HD Fullsize 2000x2000px | $10 USD Per Sketch Asset

hypnochameleon-lms-preview.png.c84c9e731970aea9eb29a5f94cdf21d5.png noodlelizard-lms-preview.png.ad0333c5b26ba90d02b941aaff338701.png

Various Creature Designs | HD Fullsize 2000x2000px | $50 USD Per Design Asset


Various Item Designs | HD Fullsize 2000x2000px | $10-15 USD Per Design Asset






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