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Seeking Programmer

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It seems like I'm coming to a point where my co owner and I need to seek the help of a new programmer for Folk of Lore. We're looking to build on existing site/coding and have a number of features completed inlcuding:

Site Functions

  • Messaging & Notifications
  • News Page
  • Warning System
  • Ticket System
  • Modbox
  • Friends/Friends List
  • FAQ Page
  • Staff (list) Page
  • Site Search (user, pet, item, etc)
  • Items Chest System (*implementing items into item chests, some chests can give a variety of items)

Game Features (Follow links for greater detail)

We also have other features we'd like to get done, but these are the main focus for now. We prefer to pay by project, rather than by hour, but this can be discussed on a case by case basis of course! We'll also go into more detail, as needed. We have page mach ups and assets prepared. Thanks for reading!

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Firstly, your site looks amazing, it's honestly gorgeous.

One thing that I would add in - from the looks of it you are looking for a developer who is used to Laravel (my assumption based on my poking around and the 404 page).

Since I don't have an account I don't think I can answer these myself (at least entirely).  Are all of the things listed in "Site Functions" complete already?  When I first read that post, I assumed that you were saying "these are already here and we are adding on to it".  But then when I started poking around it looked like they may not be?

I was going through all of the documents and stuff and I did have questions, I know you you mentioned you would go into more detail if required.  My guess this would end up being for the successful candidate (i.e. let's not show our inner workings to the world).

  • Avatar/Character Wardrobe - Looking at that page, you have a relatively (if not complete) demo for it but the "save image" button just lets you download it.  I'm assuming that you mention this needs to be worked on to make it actually persist to the user's account?  During this phase, would you be adding in more restrictions as to what you are able to actually do with it? I.e. a user cannot add a decoration if they don't have the related item in their inventory?
  • User Level - this seems heavily dependent on other features which are in different states of completion. 
    • For example: Post on message boards, Send/receive private messages - This would assume that message boards and private messaging are already built and we are just tapping into them?
  • Pet Pens:
    • Are you locked on the names "cravary" and "craviary"? Where, from my understanding "cravary" is the "pet" and the "craviary" is the pen that it belongs to? Maybe I'm wrong in that assumption but this is going to get very confusing very quickly.  Especially when you have someone who when working makes typos (I correct them in code, but when sending IMs not so much).  Having these two be off by 1 letter, and more-or-less sound the same tells me other programmers reading it will get confused (and most likely your users too).
    • I'm very confused about the bit that they are items until placed into the pen.  Maybe start that document with a definition of what a "cravary" is, etc?  That way someone not as intimately familiar with the site like me can walk in and understand what's going on.
  • Pet Breeding - This is a very big, and open-ended topic which could be a huge amount of effort (i.e. realistic genes) or a tiny amount of effort (i.e. flip a coin and you are an exact copy of the "parent")
  • Item Crafting - This document talks about a bunch of different locations, but nothing about crafting. Would that be in another task?
  • Pet Scavenging Missions - Is this just an item fetch quest?  I got very confused with the word skills and a few other things in there it took me a while just to come to that point where I thought it was a fetch quest.
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All fair points, thank you for the insight!

As far as the listed site functions are concerned, those are all yet to be completed. We're looking for someone to do them. :) I'm aware the user level system can't be implemented until all of those features are complete as well. Other, unlisted, features like forums and things are already complete.


The demo wardrobe would be the basis of what we want our wardrobe to be. (Just implemented as a wardrobe feature with minor changes, like showing item art of clothing pieces rather than just a small picture of the clothing file (like it does in wardrobe). Also perhaps adding buttons to move clothing layers up and down because dragging them around isn't working for everyone and once you get past a certain point with just so many clothes, it breaks the box and those items can no longer be removed. (Of course we could also remedy this simply by adding restrictions on how many items a character can wear, which is probably something we should do at some point anyway.)


And yes, good point about the separate file explaining these terms. It didn't occur to me for some reason. But yes, Cravary is a pet your character can collect. Craviary is the bestiary in which said pets are logged. Pens are just called pens, to keep that simple at least. I will have to discuss with the co owner about the names because they are pretty attached to them.


Pet breeding I left a bit blank for now. But we are wanting a more simplistic take on it, as our pets can pass stats but they don't have markings, genes, etc. It's more like breeding a Pokemon, than breeding a dog or horse. Definitely less involved than a lot of breeding systems on most other games. (Or, I think so anyway!) But we intend to get a proper layout of what we want that to look like as well.


Pet scavenging missions are basically, a quest will appear for you to select 1-3 cravaries with specified 'skills'. So those skills could be something like Stealth and Agility. It will denote how many cravaries are required for the mission. (So if you need 2, it could be 1 cravary with both skills + 1 extra cravary, or each cravary could have one of the required skills.) You don't need to bring anything to the quest or 'turn in' anything. After whatever amount of time the quest has you wait, you'd redeem rewards for having fulfilled the quest requirements.


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